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  • gtxy1yqj - Good book

    The condition of the book is great and the shipment was really fast. It is under good protection when it was shipped to me.

  • Laura - Not worth the money- didn't work

    The drops don't taste bad, but I didn't loss any weight. At first I felt like they gave me a little more energy and I didn't feel as hungry, but after 2 weeks no weight lost. Plus they are a little inconvient to carry around and use. They don't taste bad just ineffective.

  • Carl L. Mcpherson - The audio is even worse. The acting is even worse than that

    The production quality is 8th grade video class quality. The audio is even worse. The acting is even worse than that. I'm glad I stopped at 5:00 minutes and didn't waste any more of my time.

  • Anna - Not really great

    Don't believe all the hype about this one. Nothing great, at all! Usual "serum" like scores of them, useless ones, on the market. Not going to reduce any wrinkles or make you look any better than any typical cream in a drugstore.

  • Metals Geek - I keep coming back to fleabusters

    In my climate, fleas are a real problem, and this year has been especially horrible. We have both dogs and cats, and since cats are sensitive to certain chemical pesticide carpet sprays (especially Permethrin, as I recall) we have used only Fleabusters powder in the cat areas. The main downside is that it's a bit dusty when you first sweep it into your carpeting and for a day or two thereafter. However, you soon forget it's there, and over time it seems to do its part in a flea control program that includes treating both the pets and their living space. I give it 5 stars because it works reasonably well and boric acid is a pretty benign chemical. I have not found other sources of boric acid that are as finely ground and remain mostly clump-free, so keep coming back to FleaBusters do-it-yourself powder.