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  • Nicholas Kanak - Freedom poison

    The reviews are true.... Sh*t coming out with the velocity of a howitzer trained on al qaeda and a feeling in your gut that feels like blocks of C4 trying to pass through your GI tract... FROM THE OUTSIDE!!!! I firmly believe that if you were to send these to ISIS, the war would be over... For the next 6-7hours give or take...

  • Nancy S. - I take this every day with my noon medicine.

    I take this every day to try and prevent UTI's. It seems to help. I have them less frequently, and they are easier to get rid of. If I get a UTI, I just take some Vitamin C and some Naproxen Sodium, and it seems to go away.

  • Stephanie Lawler - and as much as I loved feeling able to handle life

    I have been taking 1stPhorm's MasterBrain for about 3 full weeks now, and I am impressed. As a college instructor, a busy mom, and a student myself currently studying for my NASM personal training certification, my brain is running 100-miles an hour at all times. In every aspect of my life, I need to be "on" at all times, expecting nothing less than full-effort in any task that I do. With that external and internal stress, I constantly face mental-fatigue, and I am prone to anxiety as is typical for so many of us with a type-A personality. For years, I relied on anti-anxiety medication through some very stressful years of my life, and as much as I loved feeling able to handle life, I hated feeling numb to all feelings, good and bad. Through daily exercise and a clean diet, I successfully manage my anxiety most days without medication, but in times of high stress, those emotions take over and control my life.

  • Shawn Kresal - The George Foreman of fridges.

    This device delivers on its promise: it honestly does chill your soda/beer/wine orders of magnitude faster than the fridge or the freezer. The downside is that it does not do the chilling by itself: water and ice must be supplied. The directions recommend two trays of ice and two cups cold water, which is more than enough for getting a 12-pack to 38F. My experience was that it took 25% longer using only one tray of ice. The device makes a tiny amount of noise, say 1/10th that of a dish washer, but they brilliantly have a "no spin" (quiet) mode should you be using this in an office/baby nursery/library. The button layout and design are extremely well thought out. Press "Can", or "bottle", and "spin" or "no spin".

  • Sharill R. - First 100 Words...

    I love this book a lot. I just wish it wasn't as fragile as it is. My kid has had it for 3 days and the flaps came off already.

  • marmoxmag - Didn't do what I wanted (quickly), but still a nice product (revised!)

    Update: having almost finished the bottle, I wanted to revise my original review to say that I HAVE noticed an improvement and lightening of my dark spots, and improved skin smoothness. It took a while, though. I'm not sure if I'll re-purchase as the price is still high.