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Ted Miller 3, TM3, Small Business Consultant, Coach and Sales Trainer - Double your sales in business in the next 12 months by mastering your skills as an Entrepreneur on how to market, sell and manage.

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  • lewSki - lewSki

    Worked perfectly on my 2012 Samsung. It comes with a remote but the old remote still works for most things which is a plus in my house.

  • Jadia - It's good, but it is not beef jerky.

    This is different than beef jerky, but it is super good! Its chewier then jerky, which I didn’t know was possible. It’s slightly sweeter then jerky, which was unexpected and not my favorite thing, because I really like jerky and I was expecting something much more like that. It still tastes super good, just not the same as jerky. My boyfriend loved it though. He’s from England so they have some different meat products over there and a palate really different from the average American’s.

  • Sheena - A dark and twisty taboo story of love, lies, deceit and betrayal

    This book was given to me by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review....first and foremost I have to say that this is a dark, taboo story and should only be read by those comfortable with such material.

  • toddlerangel - Not what I thought

    I was very excited about the stroller, I carefully read all the reviews but shortly after the purchase I was really dissapointed. I would take my child for daily walks, about mile long, the wheels started showing bad wear after only two weeks. After 6 weeks I noticed my son was sitting kind of funny and crooked. I finally decided to check the bottom of the stroller and noticed that the main support bar (plastic bar under the seat)was broken off on the right side. The stroller comes with a one-year manufactor waranty. I contacted the company and sent the pictures, they answered that I was the one that pretty much broke it. My son was only only 12 month old at the time. I still have the broken stroller in the trunk, my boyfriend repaired it as best as he could and I still use it. I have to I can't fold it all the way anymore but my son at least sits in an even position. I don't have [$] to spend every year for a new stroller, unfortunetelly.It is very difficult to manuever with one hand, the wheels don't turn easily, the basquet is useless because of the anoying bar that doesn't let you even put a small diaper bag. It is light though, that is the main reason why I got the stroller, considering my physical condition.

  • Phil Guzzo - From further in the future.

    I'm coming back from further in the future and I found one at Goodwill for 29.99. Awesome for the price!

  • Renee DV - Great for Joint pain and lowering cholesterol and so much more

    I bought this stuff directly from earthworks after reading about all the benefits of taking this natural supplement. I specifically bought it for my mother who is on cholesterol medicine as well as other statin medication which i know damage her system. She also has severe arthritis which have practically deformed my moms hands. She has been taking this for a full year and I have to say results were so great, i now take this and give it to my pets as well. Her hands look normal again, she can walk comfortably and the coolest part is the doctor congratulated her for her great results in lowering her cholesterol, high blood pressure and her diabetes. So good in fact the doctor requested she take the tests over as he thought they were a mistake. She is slowly weaning off of her statin drugs thank goodness to no joy of her doctor. The benefits I have read are too long to list but you can find a list here:

  • Joe Huss - The book is very detailed and yet easy to understand. it prompts you to consider many options and important decisions that you

    I am only about two thirds of the way through reading the book, but it is very detailed and yet easy to understand. It prompts you to consider many options and choices that I would never have thought of. I have not used the software yet. A will is an important document and should be planned and prepared very carefully. I will finish the book and review it with my wife and then prepare our wills and other documents with the software together.