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  • H. Hackett - If you have WAMP - don't get this!!!

    The software prevents WAMP from working properly. If you install WAMP, you do everything right and you will find this running in the background preventing WAMP from working at all!!!! Then when you uninstall it, it says it's installing it, but it's really uninstalling - don't be fooled!

  • Pengus Krimbly - Album of the Millennium

    My whole life I thought I knew what good music was. Then I heard this and everything else turned to s***. This album is the epitome of top quality music.

  • Ted Kantrow - Concepts from The Goal

    The author of this business novel thinks he's the Messiah. The gist of the 384-page book could have been expressed in a page, and some of it is obvious. But it may be useful anyway, and it's an entertaining read.

  • R. Murphy - Howard Products Best of the Best

    ...tremendous product...don't hesitate to mix colors...brings color, depth and life back to wood furniture. Found this product, originally, at a consignment store that deals in antiques. This is the product they use...Best price at Amazon....

  • Gary Black - Time saver!

    Saves time on washing dishes with eight people in the family. Plus we have a lot of guests during the weekend.

  • Mark Garety - Very easy to use and feel like it is good quality

    I am very happy with this outlet tester. It is very easy to use and the build quality really impressed me. I am so used to tool like these feeling cheap and disposable. This one really surprised me with how solid and well built it felt.

  • limey1217 - Great show with Billy Bob at his best and William Hurt eerily creepy!

    Billy Bob doing what he does best. Playing a flawed person with great sadness and great compassion behind his eyes. William Hurt is extraordinarily creepy as the Big Boss and nemesis of Billy Bob's character. The women in the show are a great bunch of characters. Kelly is just plain nasty. The troubled ex-wife, Maria Bello's character, who herself was a little too easy to manipulate by just about everyone. I loved the daughter of Thornton and Bello and I think she could have been examined a bit further. Great actress by the way. The ladies working mostly with Billy Bob are brilliant and each has their own storyline. Great show and I hope they do a season 2 as it is well worth binge watching for a couple of nights.