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  • Adam - The absolute must-have for every Nerf arsenal

    This is by far my foremost favorite Nerf gun. After purchasing a few Nerf weapons this past Christmas, I found that my children - all girls! - got the Nerf bug. After daily wars throughout the house, I realized we'd need at least one more to accommodate all of us warriors. I headed back to Toys R Us to secure another Jolt gun, when I stumbled upon this one. I'd never seen it before and hadn't seen any reviews, but for the price (under $8, similar to the Jolt), I couldn't pass it up!

  • CChelton77 - Best price on the web.

    I got the bike because it has the hand bike for my wife. It was easy to assembly and it arrived really quick. I only have one issue and its that the timer does not work with just the hand bike, by itself. Other than that I works great.

  • JP Colter - Hate it

    Product starts constantly nagging you to purchase almost immediately which is intrusive and annoying. ;I'm uninstalling and going back to Kaspersky or Norton.

  • Yrofthetiger - Very happy

    Someone very misleadingly rated the springs on this trap as weak. Well, I got this thing and the springs have nothing to do with trapping or keeping the squirrel in the cage! The springs are only attached to a hook to keep the top shut. In other words, you can catch a squirrel! And the springs worked fine for me.

  • Waters - cute and great

    My phone often no electricity, not easy to go out charging, see the mobile charge to keep my cell phone at full power at all times

  • AmyH132 - There is help for you!

    Color Oops WILL remove too much or unwanted hair color. If your hair was colored before the latest "oops", it will also remove that color, leaving you most likely with yellow-y, orange-y, and somewhat uneven hair that in most cases will require additional coloring to be transformed into something pretty;-) At this point you have two choices: