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  • Queyanna Guishard - Overall, It's A Great Phone

    I enjoy this the Prevail II better than the Prevail. However, I had one encounter where it overheated and stick. After that one incident, I didn't experience that issue again. After all, everything in life, including technology will have its pros and cons. Can't win it all! Overall, it's a great phone.

  • Stephen M. Greenfield - A must-read authoritative resource

    I have finished reading "Filing the FAFSA", cover-to-cover. Wow. Really, this is one of the best books I have read on demystifying a complex subject — any subject — ever. "Filing the FAFSA" is complete in its scope, exhaustive in its detail, and authoritative in its advice. It's also well-written and a pleasure to read — especially considering the difficult nature of college financial aid! I especially appreciated the extensive "Common Errors" section at the end, recapping the myriad of mistakes a filer could make.

  • Cosmo - Just so so

    I purchased the whitening system and the accelerating mouthwash all together. I have not been impressed with the level of whitening they have delivered, and they did make my teeth hurt from time to time. I have finished all of the products and have not seen any real noticeable results. My teeth are not terribly stained, I just need a pick me up every 6 months or so from my coffee and red wine habits. This definitely didn't do it. I have had much more success from Crest Whitestrips and will go back to using those when I need whitening.

  • Xenokitten - This product saved my cat's life!

    No reactions here, just ordered my second one. This thing REALLY works. I think the people complaining of "reactions" on their cats maybe have used this product too soon after trying topical medicines, there is a warning not to use any other flea medicine for a period of time before applying the collar, and you should not use other flea medicines, topical, shampoos, gels, creams, or collars durring the time that your cat wears this collar. Or maybe the collar is too tight on their cat, or their cat is scratching and breaking his skin which will cause open wounds as well. But there may be some cats who just have sensitive skin. For instance, my cat has a nylon allergy, he can not wear any collars or harnesses since they are made of nylon. So there could be cats who DO have an allergy to this product - because just like humans, cats can have allergic reactions too.