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  • Kathleen - A once great franchise....ruined.

    Items are terrible, skill runes are terrible, economy is terrible. Botters have been exploiting the game via gold farming since day one. Trade scams are rampant. Blizzard has addressed almost nothing to this point except fine tuning the RMAH to line their pockets (although they did manage to nerf a popular attack speed stat and hotfix an invulnerable wizard bug that the community used for six weeks before the designers had a clue). This game is an embarrassment to the series. The original Blizzard North ascended to greatness listening to the people playing their games; this version tells people how to have fun, acts almost as immaturely as the pi$ed off kids on their forums and continues to ignore major design flaws. No pandas for me.

  • Bruce Gibbens - Trying Not To Buy A New Truck

    I am a long-time user of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. I used it in a new truck that I purchased in 1998, and put well over a million miles on it without ever having to add oil between oil change intervals of 12-15000 miles in a 3406 E engine. I purchased this truck used, so I'm trying to see if Lucas can postpone an engine rebuild.


    Four and a half PRECISE Stars! iHealth's unique gluco-monitoring system uses whole blood samples from one person and utilizes smartphone and iHealth technology to display test results on the smart device screen in "mg/dL", along with additional related information. iHealth's Align Blood Glucose System provides a small glucose testing meter (measuring 1 and 1/3 inches by 1 and 1/2 inch with a headphone jack on the end) for inserting into the smart device headphone port, test strips in a coded container, lancets, injector, smartphone covers, and instructions on how to use a smartphone or tablet to actually take and record glucose readings.

  • Kate Flores - Absolutely love this face cream

    Absolutely love this face cream. The dispenser is very easy to use and provides the exact amount needed each time. Goes on really well; not too thick of a texture and it doesn't leave a residue. **i received this product at a discount for my honest opinion.

  • Master Woo - Shifter feels great

    This goes great in hand with the lower & upper shifter bushings and definitely tightens up the shifting and gets rid of the play. Gives a very firm shifting.

  • Dulce A - Gross!

    I'm gluten intolerant and recently have become very lactose intolerant as well. Before I go on, I love regular dairy cheese, so I figured I wouldn't like a non-dairy replacement. And boy was I right! SO GROSS! I didn't buy the cheddar, I bought the mozzarella, and I tried it on pizza after reading reviews that said it tasted great melted on things such as pizza. One bite and I wanted to spit it out immediately. Another reviewer compared the taste to moldy play-doh and I'd have to agree. I ended up scraping the "cheese" off my pizza and just eating saucy crust…so sad! So, basically, if you're expecting this to taste even remotely like cheese, you'll be very very disappointed.

  • pjbb - Lots of plusses. Best buy so far. Only time will tell.

    Power can be too strong, so it is necessary to pay attention to the setting on the wand. I can't figure out how to stop the pulsing, which I do not like at all. However, the strength is a plus factor. The noise factor is pretty strong, but I've never heard one that wasn't. I love the way the wand cord winds neatly back into a specific location and does not get entangled or block the repositioning of the wand and tip for storage. My past water floss units have had similarly curled cords, but they had no specific home so they eventually got out of control and in the way of putting the wand on its stand. The water reservoir holds plenty of volume. I fill about half full with warm water and add a small amount of mouthwash. I have had three units in the past. The first lasted well over 10 years, the 2nd and 3rd less than one year each. It will be interesting to see how long this one lasts. I would love to see this design streamlined for travel. I have older travel units (the exact models are still sold) that hold water in an attached reservoir and are also super loud. I have to angle the attached all-in-one unit to get the tip to teeth and it moves the water away from the hole that carries water to the tip. I would love to see this H2ofloss unit stream lined for holding fewer tips (an amazing number of tips!) and less water (about half?), pluggable still, and retain the wand cord for travel! There are tips for tongue, several for braces or periodontal disease, and one for sinus irrigation. I need a straight water source tip and I might like the sinus irrigation once I try it - unknown yet. The enclosed two pieces to arrange tips in the holding reservoir were so confusing I tossed them in recycles and dropped the extra tips in the storage unit. Perhaps the price of the main unit could be lowered, the two fitting thingys eliminated, and these amazingly varied tips offered for a decent price as accessories - like $1 or less each for those who need or want them. Summary: Good water power, neat storage for cord/wand, lots of accessory tips, and a nice-enough design that I'd love to see it in a travel version at least half or less than the current size. Sound insulation would be nice. I will update if this unit fails as quickly as the last three (another brand) did!