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  • Diogenis Leiva - Its not our job to make sure we have the codes we bought it from the publisher like that" For the record it is their job as ...

    Stated it was new with product codes. When I tried registering said codes for my course did not work. When I contacted them for service they basically asked "what do you want us to do? Its not our job to make sure we have the codes we bought it from the publisher like that"

  • Maria - Amazing! Easy to use! Good price!!

    I found this item at walmart and have to rate it. The kit is basically the price of the purchase of a UV/LED light. IT is so well worth the $$$. It is very easy to use and it comes with a quick step guide sheet. Gel Manicures in my area range from 30-45 dollars. I have had my Gel nail polish (I used french tip for an addtional cost of the gel + the brush) for 5 days now and no chips or peels. The dry time was instant, and I was so amazed! NO DRY TIME involved. Perfect for the busy working woman! I had originally purchased the Gelish kit by Harmony for over $50.00 but found myself looking for a LED light as my old 20ish year old UV lamp was only nine watts and the Gels require 36 watts to cure. I would rate it higher but I did not due to the limited colors that are available from this maker. I am sure that as they get more popular they will add a bigger selection of colors, for now I will just order Pigment Gel and mix my own colors. I definetly recommend this kit as my mani is stil on after pulling weeds w.o using gloves, replanting flowers,as well as hand-washing dishes. I even used non-acetone polish remover and it did not affect the shine or the polish of my nails. I polished my daugher's nails and she said it made her feel "pretty". The polish is a soak-off type of gel and will require the use of Acetone nail polish remover to remove. I am fine with the removal if i can get a two week perfect manicure look!