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  • Leland - ~ BAD COMPANY's 19 Song "Very Best Of" gets a 2015 remaster, but may have been better in overall quality ~

    I really like ;this CD. Some of the songs on here you can tell they sound better than the original CD versions. I really wonder though if the label uses the same remastered version of the song on the individual Album because it appears they may not.

  • M. Blankenship - American hero

    What a great story. I felt like I wads walking with Mr. Palmer through his life. He has always been an inspiration to me. I cried when I heard of his passing. No line will ever fill his shoes. Society could learn so much by reading this book. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we treated people the Mr. Palmer did. It was indeed a life well played.

  • Brynne P. - Cutco Knives Not Worth Price

    My husband and I agreed to a presentation because it was from the close friend of our daughter (who lived with us at one time) with whom we have an excellent relationship and really trust. This was her job at the time, and she was earning money for college. Many times I told her I wouldn't be able to purchase much, if anything before the presentation, but she insisted she "just needed the practice" to perfect her sales pitch. The presentation started ok, but soon we were WOWED with the demo of the cutco knife cutting through rope and leather and the scissor cutting a penny. I went along with her presentation, but then she asked "Can you afford this set?", and so on. She then showed me more, and played our relationship, telling me they take payments. I'm usually a hard sell, but I caved and bought the $700.00 set, the cheapest set they had. Sure, these knives work well, but I felt certainly NOT worth $700.00! Be careful in agreeing to a presentation, as you will be pressured into buying a set.

  • Vita Lavrentyev - It seemed like they used the same equipment but the liquid was ...

    It wasn't the same product that I thought I was going to receive. It seemed like they used the same equipment but the liquid was different then the original product I used to have (I bought years ago)