Thrive Nutrition & Therapy with Dr. Lauryn Lax - Thrive Wellness & Recovery is a holistic nutrition, therapy, and functional medicine practice, founded by Dr. Lauryn Lax in Austin, TX.

  • #ThriveLife Day 12: Pegan 101 - Thrive With Lauryn - Meet the “Pegan” Nutrition Philosophy—a newer dietary approach aiming to declare “peace” between a divided world of what diet is best.
  • #ThriveLife Day 12: Just Say No - Thrive With Lauryn - You never know what opportunity is on the other side of your “No” if you allow the time, and space to do stuff that you want to do. Just say no.
  • #ThriveLife Day 10: Tell Yourself Something Positive - Thrive With Lauryn - Your #thriveproject? Look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive today. If we think more positively about ourselves, imagine the possibilities.

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  • Shari Owen - DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously keep your money.

    Honestly I wouldn't give this product even a star. I was fed all of this positive crap about Advocare. I researched and quizzed my friend who had so much success. After I finished my very expensive 10 day cleanse, I started m second phase and my heart started beating like.crazy! I contacted my doctor and he said the products I was taking had a very unhealthy amount if niacin. I've NEVER had any health orobems. I stopped the product and things eventually went back to normal. Thank God. I later read too much niacin Is potentially dangerous. My Advocare coach was like, "oh wow I've never heard of that happening to anyone." I later searched it and guess what Im not alone. She also had a very tramatic miscarriage that made me suspicious about her doctor giving the ok for her to continue taking the products while pregnant. DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • Dixie Dinah - Wonderful oils!~

    This package of oils was just what I wanted. Some woman online has a mixture of hot water and orange oil that she uses to clean her oven window. Also I am scenting white vinegar for cleaning. The eucalyptus was recommended but when I saw this package, I had to have it. I've already used the sweet orange in some hand lotion and it smells glorious. I'll be mixing my cleaning solutions tomorrow! Might I add, this is a great price for six bottles. Wish I had found clove oil in there...I'll just have to buy that one separately, and I will not mind if I can get Kis Natural!

  • CestMoi - Good No Hassle Cleanse

    I like this cleanse because it is easy to use and you don't have to stop eating what you normally eat to do it. It is a good first time cleanse or a cleanse for someone who is too busy to prepare special meals or boil lemons. Also gives you a little boost of energy.

  • Ronnie W. - So far so good, light came on for emission control

    So far so good, light came on for emission control, had AutoZone scan for free and reported catalytic converter operating less then 95% efficient. Instantly bought this and followed the directions. By time I got to half a tank of gas after filling up light was off. Driving high speed on highway is key to it working. This won't fix a bad catalytic converter but will help clean and keep a good one going. I'll update review if something changes.

  • Amazon Customer - A great accessory

    Fits great. The tape doesn't stick very well, had to get a different type of tape, but it looks great in my 2011 Patriot.