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  • rklav - This phone meets all of my needs.

    This phone meets all of my needs. The one feature that I don't need is the gps and it is a good thing I don't. The gps takes to long to get a lock onto the satellites. I use a nextar gps so it is not that important to me but when I would like to use the gps to get back to my car in some fairgrounds parking lot it woulb be great to get a signal in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Constance Ruffley - Hideous program for genealogy!

    Two weeks ago, I bought a brand new computer with Windows 7/XP on it. As my old computer was over 9 years old, I needed to upgrade all my software.

  • NCReviewer - A wonderful movie about The End

    A wonderful movie about The End, but with a ray of hope. In the league of Deep Impact, San Andreas, Battleship. Great action, very professionally produced, well acted. You can watch this over and over again, and still see new things.

  • K. Pena - Gets the job done

    I use this for my eyebrows, the weird hair on my toes, and my bikini area. It is completely painless and it takes the hair off beautifully. I wouldn't go a summer without it. I have extremely sensitive skin, and if I use a razor on my bikini area, I always end up with painfully itchy red bumps. Using this product virtually eliminates that. I might still get a few bumps, but nothing like I get from shaving. My fiancé uses one too, for trimming his facial hair. Trimming, not shaving. It doesn't really work on large areas like arms or legs, but it's great for smaller, more sensitive areas. It is completely painless; never once was it painful, and I have been using it for 6+ years.

  • Dare to satisfy me - Works great.

    Works great goes on easy and hold up well and has the tip to put back on if you don't use it all great product.

  • stevemaximus - Excellent Content

    I took a shot on this book and am really glad I did. Last year I had purchased a book by a different author on Quicken 2011 and found it to be dry and unapproachable. The author of this book has made my experience with software books a thousand times better.