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  • jt58lt59 - Dorco Pace 6 Plus-Six Blade Razor System is the BEST ever!

    As I hadn't heard of this brand before, I was slightly nervous about ordering this product but because of the incredible price, I thought I didn't have anything to lose in trying something new. I ordered 1 set for my husband and 1 set for myself. Prior to this I had been using a very well known brand and it didn't matter how often I changed the blade on the razor, I blade didn't always just "shave" but rather "pulled" out hairs which was painful. My husband and I are both extremely happy with the Dorco Pace brand and will be ordering more from this company in the future. The shave is very smooth and this razor actually shaves all the hairs....there aren't patches where it didn't shave. I'm still on my first blade and have shaved several times with it and probably still won't have to change the blade for awhile. But even when I do, I won't worry about it as the cost is just so incredibly low to replace the blades or even order a whole new pack. I will happily stay with the Dorco brand and I'm very happy that I decided to give it a try.

  • Eva B. - Mediocre...

    Wow...I was looking forward to seeing this movie and was pretty disappointed. The first hour was spent trying to get me to invest in characters that they gave me no reason to care about. They paid no real homage to Captain Hillards death and basically made the pervious president a basket case. The offspring of Hillard, the president and other post teen actors was not enough to give the movie energy and the excitement you think your going to get. The one character who could have bought some fun to this movie played by Vivica Fox, died unceremoniously. The plot seemed slapped together just because it was time to make some money. After all the years between the 1st movie and this would think someone could have come up with a better storyline but I guess not. Also, the Queen resembled the queen from AvP way too much. Wait for this to come out on cable.

  • merksy65 - great flick

    love this movie, great action, actors and effects, I'd seen the movie some time ago on a rental and had thought about getting it, went to a big box store to get out of the bargain bin, the employee said they had 3 copies in the bin some place and i had to dig for them, an hours later ... nothing, went home and ordered it from Amazon, got the movie a day early, even though it was sent via Fedex i got if from USPS, which worked for me.

  • Jordan Teagarden - Love this agenda!

    This planner is very large, about the size of a normal notebook. It has lots of space for writing things and the stickers are a huge plus! The sides have tabs for each month so it's easy to find your place. I put four stars instead of five because the pocket in the front does not hold a normal size sheet of paper. Other than that, it is a great agenda!

  • Oscar J. Engfer - Fun but has one bug.

    It has one bug. At times it will not stop spinning for a long time. One time it did this and a window popped up saying that house of fun was not responding. Do you want to wait or close. It would not let me choose so I chose to wait because it had retriggered and I wanted the money as I was getting low. I left it to get a cup of coffee and when I came back the screen was black . I had to restart Kindle. Other than this bug It is a lot of fun to play.