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  • J. White - Good Software That Works Well

    I installed the software on a Win 8.1, 64 bit system. The software worked very well with no stability or other issues. One thing to always make sure of is that you check periodically for software updates to make sure forms reflect any legal changes in any of the various states. Included with the software are several electronic texts that provided added value.

  • Alicia - Cured my daughter's Eczema and skin problems.

    My daughter is 10 now, ever since she was 1 1/5 years old she developed eczema, we took her to the doctor many times for it. The doctor prescribed her steroids cream when it got really bad which it was most of the time and aquaphor.

  • ducet - Toyota Tundra / Tacoma has a penchant for self-locking when you least expect it. Here is the fix!

    I spent more time removing the vault from its use-proof package than I spent installing it on the hitch of my Tundra!

  • Jayson - Bluetooth headphones

    One of the best pair of headphones I have ever owned. I love the all black look with tints of green that just pop out. I love that these headphones come with a carrying case. I feel every pair of headphones should. They are very well made and the build quality is great. They have buttons on the actual headphone or you can just use the buttons on your phone for volume or changing songs. The headphones come with extra earbuds depending on the size of your ears. This is great becasue I have weird ears and they fall out so I can just switch them out. The sound quality is the best feature. Very clear sounding and the headphones can get very loud if needed. These are ideal for working out or going for a run. Overall, I am very impressed with these headphones. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  • Kay moe - Don't waste your money!

    This product is horrible! After less than 2 months of use, it just stopped brewing. My sister has the same machine and hers broke after 3 weeks. It also only brews Kcups with the grey ring around the top so my other boxes aren't compatible. I'm going back to my old Keurig that luckily I kept. It's 5 years old and still going strong.