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  • Treesh - Good movie fun

    Yea, the storyline is a little mediocre (and occasionally just plain ridiculous). I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty certain there as some major inaccuracies here. I kind of just don't care. This is a fun movie to watch. I love disaster movies and this one crams several large-scale natural disasters into one movie with awesome special effects. I don't watch movies like this to analyze their scientific merit. Even the story-line is kind of secondary for me in a disaster movie. 2012 gets 5 stars from me. 4-stars for all the stuff blowing up, falling down, and getting smashed into by tornados. 1-star for the addition of Woody Harrelson.

  • Frank Appraisal - Leading Edge Technology - purchased several as gifts

    Cozmo mesmerized the gift recipients! This robot will unquestionably become a staple in schools, colleges, and engineering classes as a tool to teach programming and robotics. Ideal for young children (3 and up) under adult supervision and programmers who want to experiment with Anki's SDK using the Python or other languages. High volume data communications between Cozmo and the linked-up smart device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) necessitates the Wi-Fi connection, rather than the slower Bluetooth connection. As is also typical with any Real Live Pet, some adults may eventually loose interest in the robot...but future software upgrades promise new features.

  • Cassandra L. Nash - Slendertone is fabulous!

    At first I was leary about the Slendertone belt but thought I would give it a try and I am glad I did! I have been using the slimming belt for four weeks now and I have noticed that I am inches smaller! I have lost inches in my hip area and my abdomen area. It keeps track of how much you use it and it gives you a smiley face to let you know that you are doing a good job. When I started using it for the first time I had to use the extra strap because the original was too small and now I am inches away from putting away the extra strap. My tummy feels tight and is sore just like I did a work out. Thank you Slenderton for helping me get fit.

  • Brian Jacobson - You can count on it!

    I bought 4 of a prior version of this charger already. The original four have a slow blue pulse while charging and a steady blue light when charged. This one pulses when you first properly place the phone on the charger; but, not while charging (which I like). If you were to travel with it or have it near your bed it will not disturb you when your trying to get to sleep. I haven't compared its charging speed to the prior charging pads of the same brand to see if it is actually a faster charger (since it says fast charging on the pad). Overall I am very happy with the product quality and performance and would recommend it to others that have phones that would use this charging platform. I prefer this sooooo much over placing a corded connection in the bottom of the phone in the dark as I end my day.

  • GarageFullOfBoxes - 95% Satisfaction

    3-5 sprays and your good to go...literally. Works for the majority of your number 2s with a citrus fragrance left behind. This will definitely continue to be common place in our bathrooms. As well as a GREAT family holiday gift.

  • grendelcon - Better than most

    Ignore the the best and worst reviews about this product. Both are extreme and will be wrong for most customers. It's not a miracle drug, so don't expect it to cure all symptoms and degrees of joint pain you may suffer. But, having said that it's the best one on the market I've tried. I do a lot of trail running and I'm over 50 yrs old. So I have the obvious knee and back issues that come with older age and beating up our bodies when younger. It has allowed me to take the pounding of running the hills with a lot less knee joint pain. I will still aggravate my knee joints now and then on runs, but taking this product seems to help me recover faster and keep the pain managageable that allows me to continue my passion.

  • Amazon Customer - just dont get it its not even fun when you win by standing still

    The game gives you a passing grade for standing still and sonetimes moveing your arms and it doesnt give step by step lessons to learn a dance another money grubbing dance game its a waste of money