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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Shaun B. - Good....But I Still Favor "Born Sinner" Collectively....

    I was excited to see that J.Cole had released a new album. I really enjoyed his last effort, Born Sinner, in which I felt it was an album you could listen to top to bottom, with no fillers. Collectively, that was one of the best rap/hip-hop albums of recent memory. When I saw this follow-up was released, I was surprised that there was no to little publicity/build-up for this release, considering his last effort was so strong. As a whole, I don't like this album as good as his last release, but that's not to say that this album isn't any good as well. This album has it's moments, and there are some songs I really like, such as "Wet Dreamz," but as a whole, I don't enjoy this effort as much as the last. With that being said, this album is still better that 95% of the hip-hop content being released today. I rated Born Sinner as a 4.4, I would give this one a 3.6 as a whole.

  • rrosenblum - This is the best antivirus that I have used

    This is the best antivirus that I have used. It comes at a great price and does exactly what it needs to do.

  • Electrical Fluke - Quit working after a few months.

    A few of the numbers on the screen stopped working, then a few days later the whole screen went out.

  • T&C - okay bike, not what I expected

    The bike was shipped and delivered as expected. Assembly was fairly easy but no instructions. The quality of the parts are just fair. The gold on the rims wears off when braking. Overall a decent bike but I wouldn't highly recommend it.

  • Robert - Picks up dust and hair rather than pushing it around

    I like the duster because it doesn't push dust and hair around. It picks it up. However, it has trouble picking up larger chunks of dirt. I hate normal sweeping because it pushes so much around and it's hard to pick up all the dust and hair. So what do you do? Both. I find this works ok alone, but does a nice job as a final clean up after I have swept if there are larger pieces of dirt to sweep up. The mop is a nice bonus for a quick cleanup, but won't replace your normal mop. Why do I say all this? I think it's a great supplemental piece of cleaning equipment, but it won't fully replace a mop or a broom.

  • Mitchell - I definitely recommend this!

    If you have any doubts, change your mind! I use this to help body toning and better health in general. I feel better, I don't crave sweets as much and I noticed results in my arms in the first week. My girlfriend and I have been using it and body fat just melts. Mind you, you do have to exercise regularly to notice immediate results. It's all natural and no fillers like other company's. Stay away from products that use caffeine add it effects the heart too much. Always double check with a doctor before any use of anything like this but I definitely recommend this product! Plus they gave me a free bottle along with free shipping. Customer service is extremely awesome as well. I have been talking with Amy and they follow up just make sure it's doing exactly what it should! Thanks nature wise. I will always use nature wise :)

  • Kindle Customer - America will never again exist as she existed if they succeed

    Such clear itemized list of the vulgar corruption and evil of politics today. I've read many parts of the stories about the Clinton's before. But bringing everything together in one book clearly shows why Americans are foolish to believe the Clinton political machinery including the Democratic National Committee could ever be on the side of people who really work for a living. This book really opened my eyes even more. It's all so sad.