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  • David Gomez - Worth the purchase and then some...

    Nice graphics and a smooth ride straight out of the box. I have since upgraded the drive train to Ultegra with a SRAM Force compact crank. I am a big rider at 220 pounds but this bike still floats up hills. Very happy with this purchase...

  • Sunshine Golson - Seriously :(

    So in truth this deserves a zero star rating but my daughter decided she could use it so I am giving it one star. Here is the deal I ordered a 2x I typically can sport an xl but I find its better to go up a size when ordering online. Any who lets start with the color this is an unusual shade of yellow it reminds me a bit of the color of fabric that has been sun bleached. As far as the size goes it is no where near a size 2x unless of course the intent was to use it as an incredibly tight crop top, and judging from the display picture that is not the intentions of this blouse. As a joke I asked my 12-year old daughter to throw it on and although considerably looser on her 5'1" 135 pound frame it still looked nothing like the picture. What I thought would be a laugh turned into seriousness when my daughter asked if she could keep it, did she love it ehhh but she thought it would be better than using her heavy hoodie when its not super cold and she is walking to the bus stop.

  • Neil D. - Quick and easy installation, Durable Construction

    This bed cover was very quick and easy to install/adjust to fit perfectly over the bed of my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew. There is no hardware to install onto the vehicle, rather this cover attaches to the bed using adjustable latches that hook underneath the lip of the existing plastic side rail covers, offering a very tight and reliable fit. For my first trip using this cover, I drove from San Antonio, TX to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in very high wind and the cover flapped and flapped in the wind but never shifted or loosened up. I've taken several trips using this cover since then and have had no complaints.

  • Jules - No lie! the Design Essential product line really stimulates ...

    No lie! the Design Essential product line really stimulates your scalp, with a slight tingle feeling. I've been using this product for a year now and it never disappoints.

  • T. Jenkins - Excellent

    This really works. There is no bloating and you will lose weight. In one week I lost 6lbs and in a little over 2weeks I lost I whole size. It works for me when nothing else would. Be sure to buy it from amazon and not the probioslim site because the site has hidden fees. Play it safe and buy from amazon.