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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Sally Ford - you can just see how beautiful these babies look

    It's very fair to say I was looking for some really good sound but knowing I had a budget for gym I had to make sure I get something that fits the bill. I decided to go for this product due to all the reviews, personally I don't wirte reviews but I had no option this product was AMAZING!! I opened the packaging to find a very impressive looking box and once opened you can just see how beautiful these babies look. I usually love the sound of music and currently use bose headphones so finding something with similar quality for gym under 30 quid would have been impossible. As soon as I put them in my ear the noise isolation was impressive. But then I connected it to my phone which took 3 seconds and I was blown away with the sound quality it's unbelievably unexpected I was really impressed and they stay in your ears all the way through the running the jumping the calistheincs everything trust me I know a good set of headphone and these heads are amazing, second to my girlfriend

  • Karim B. - Really helps, no errors detected

    Really helped me prepare for the GRE, especially with math and vocab. Half of the vocab lists appeared on the test as well as all types of questions described in book. The verbal section had too many vocab terms, so the prefix/suffix section also really helped. The DVD is just a silly instructional vid, nothing helpful. The online tests were great as well as the book version. No mobile app (as stated on book cover), I think they meant the website can be accessed on mobile device.

  • Amazon Customer - Orbi is perfect for whole house internet coverage!

    Arrived in two days as promised, setup was very simple. The satellite is 70-80ft from the router with several walls between. The performance is excellent we have 200mbs internet and I did speedtests in various rooms throughout our home and the download speed runs between 190mbs and 221mbs. Orbi is very sleek, small footprint device that is easy to manage and performs at the internet speeds that you get from your service provider, im my case +200mbs. I highly recommend Orbi for whole house FAST internet coverage.

  • Jerry - Great value and quality product.

    Fit my 2016 highlander XLT perfectly and looks great. Very simple install. Took about 15 minutes. Durable steel crossbar construction. Highly recommend.

  • Anthony Williams - and felt like my body was on fire

    Took drink for first time and within 20 minutes I broke out in hives from head to toe, shakes, and felt like my body was on fire. I immediately went to urgent care and was given benadryl and steroid shots. Be careful when taking this, I will not make that mistake again.