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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Poppy Queen - Pretty good read

    A combination of a romance novel and a thriller. It moves along very fast and has plenty of twists and turns. I've read a couple of reviews that were scathing because of the typical bad boy gorgeous hunk and the willful young woman determined not to be taken in by his advances and the corniness of it. Yes, that's in there, but the rest of the story was quite good. It's not like it ruined the book, so why dwell on it so much and rip the author apart. It kept my interest and I read it in two days. I call that a successful book. Will I remember it next month? Probably not, but it kept me entertained for a couple of days. I would recommend it and will most likely read this author again.

  • J. Fox - Protection is almost too good

    Upon installing this on my wife's computer, I found that some websites do not work well with Internet Explorer that worked fine with our previous AV, Kaspersky. Some of them refused to respond at all and Norton gave me no notice of what to do about it. After consulting with fellow computer nerds, I switched her browser to Firefox and was able to make everything work as before.

  • S. Price - It hasn't worked yet

    I read the product reviews and was hoping that this would be the solution to my toenail fungus problems but turns out it isn't any better than the other less-expensive products available at the drug store. it turns your nails white which makes it look like it is working but beyond that it hasn't done a thing. I've been using it consistently for 3 1/2 months.

  • riley o. - Good shipping, bad product - multiple factory flaws

    2 weeks ago, I purchased this item. The seller arranged a scheduled delivery to which the driver adhered for a positive shipping and handling experience. I had to enlist a friend's help to bring the product inside because this thing is hefty at 250 lbs. Then began a downward spiral that I am still dealing with.

  • Amazon Customer - Worked, it's been about 3 months. Don't expect ...

    Worked, it's been about 3 months. Don't expect miracles from a bottle this is really side stepping a larger issue but some vehicles are not worth fixing properly. I don't think that this will be a permanent fix or that it will work on all vehicles in every circumstance, however it did work for me and it was either try the half a$$ fix or junk the vehicle.

  • Hey Man Jesus Saves - Man, this book is a must have for all ...

    Man, this book is a must have for all Christians as we live and experience the world as it is today. I thank God for books such as this. Thanks God! (Spoken while pointing both index fingers toward the Heavens)