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  • fleopatratexas - Good Stuff!

    I have been taking these about 4 months and realized their great benefit to me when I ran out - thought I had ordered more but hadn't. I was without them about 4 days and my hands and feet hurt so bad from the arthritis pain. I couldn't wait to get my delivery when I reordered. Glad to have found this product!

  • Christina - Awesome!

    Perfect for any fan! It's a legit cookbook with all sorts of food in it from sweet to savory. Even has haggis just incase anyone has a craving for that. ;o) It also has things like Peppermint Creams, Irish Stew, and Acid Drops.

  • Amazon Customer - Not a Lot Else Out There!

    I was using Quicken 2008 for an extended period. When I upgraded to 2011 I hadn't realized that according to most, Quicken communications with banks stops if not upgraded every 3 years. I have never seen a warning to that effect. While I accept 3 years as an adequate program life, I think its a stinker that Intuit apparently does not feel they should properly warn you.

  • Steve Smith - I don't really know how to rate this. It ...

    I don't really know how to rate this. It did not help us with our sons gas issues he basically had to out grow them at 4 months old. It was a hard road but I am not certain that this product wouldn't help someone else's child's gas issues.. there's just different problems that cause it. This didn't fix ours

  • SMS41 - Five Stars

    I laughed throughout the entire book. Thank you MS. Ajayi! We appreciate all the side eye and shade!

  • Cseh - Kind of dissapointed

    I thought it would have been full of great examples, but it's just a boring instruction manual. It's hard to find subjects within the chapters.