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  • ChrisRo - My favorite hair mask ever!

    I am in love with this stuff! To start, it smells heavenly, and the scent actually lasts in your hair after you rinse it out, which I love! But the main reason I am in love with it is because of how soft it makes my hair! I use this once a week, and there is such a difference in my hair the days I use this, and the days I use my normal conditioner. I am a bit sad because I have bought a different deep conditioner to try, just because I love trying out different beauty products, and it does not compare! I am definitely going straight back to this as soon as possible!

  • blondie - great to reduce inflammation

    Been drinking this for 3 years and I truly feel it has helped decrease inflammation throughout my body. I just drink a packet in water every other morning rather than every day. I do not like the sweetness of the new Smart Mix though. The original was better for my taste buds. I have to dilute the new in 32 oz in order to drink it.