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  • Amber368 - I use this product in my children's room to keep ...

    I use this product in my children's room to keep it fresh. My car has been smelling damp and stale after many trips to the beach this spring! I purchased this item to keep in my SUV and reduce the smell in the car. One tip of advice would be to not puncture the seal inside. I started to open it and then realized I was not supposed to break that seal, just toss the jug in your car or home and its ready to go!

  • Victor Schiller - Could this be a printing mistake?

    Like others I was surprised that the fun content on the back of each page was missing. Could something have gone wrong at the printer? Surely at the volumes these are produced printing in the back of each page would not raise the costs much. But this is what can happen when accountants start dictating what a product should look like instead of the customers.

  • Garietta Falls - Salespeople are obnoxious but product worth a look

    I bought this after being accosted by a salesman in San Francisco. The sales pitch was hard to take; basically the salesman innsiuates that you are old looking but has a smile on his face the whole time. While I did not care for the dramatic tactics (after reading multiple reviews I think this is a company wide phenomenon), I have to say this product works for me. I was looking for something to help exfoliate my skin better. This is the first product where I can appreciate a noticeable difference. If you are able to keep your word about you and effective ely ignore 90% of what the salesman is trying to pawn off on you ($400 for eye pads, really??!!) you maybe pleasantly surprised as I was