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  • Amanda - Great buy!!

    This is the second one of these I have ordered - The first being some 6months ago which is now attached to the front windscreen of my vehicle. This second order is now for the rear window to ensure that I have the best coverage in the event of a collision. The cameras are small enough to not get in you vision and are very easy to use. The menus are easy to adjust and the screen saver option is a must. I can not recommend these little cameras enough. The daytime use is excellent, the only slight issue is at night where the visibility is slightly reduced but for the price of this camera you just can't go wrong.

  • NvSmile - Just what I needed.

    Our antenna disappeared off the top of our terrainšŸ˜¬ This antenna arrived quickly and was easy to install.

  • Angela Maya - Amazing product...I love it!

    I finally purchased this and I'm so glad I did. I'm 8 months pregnant and even though I've been drenching myself with coconut oil and Burt's Bees pregnancy oil, my belly and breasts are still itchy and my skin felt tight. The moment I put this oil on, the itch went away and the tightness disappeared. A little TMI but I'm on day 2 of using it and applying 2x a day and I noticed my areolas are soft and supple whereas before they were dry and peeling despite the other stuff I was using. I even put this on my 2 year old's eczema on her arms and I haven't seen her scratch not once. I just wish I had this stuff when I was pregnant with my other 3 kids.

  • kingdomlady - Doing Payroll With Ease

    Great product. It is very user friendly and leaves you feeling confident all is well with payroll as well as the payroll taxes.

  • Heidi J. Searle - Good thick yoga mat

    I purchased this specific yoga mat because all the other ones I have used had minimum non-slip which caused problems when doing some of the yoga positions.

  • Ricardo Batista - But it fit Great holes matched up and i would def recommend

    I read some other reviews before i ordered it , and i was a lil worried because a few said holes didnt line up. But it fit Great holes matched up and i would def recommend.this grill . Cant get better on the price either but it almost cost me just as much to get it color matched to my jeep . so keep that in mind when you purchase

  • Darrell - This seemed like a good idea for extending the flavor of an ...

    This seemed like a good idea for extending the flavor of an open bottle of wine for a few days but it didn't really work the way I thought it might. The vacuum is not very strong and the stoppers do not hold the vacuum. I've tried this device multiple times but was never able to get any better results than just using a plain Rabbit Wine stopper.