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  • Amazon Customer - Cooks at a rolling boil

    I wanted a slow cooker with a timer & keep-warm feature. I liked the look of this one because it has a convenient touchscreen & long cook time, similar to the more expensive Cook's Illustrated recommended crock-pot. And the latched travel lid seemed like a cute feature.

  • A. Britt - I don't like the couples Jo and Alex or Amelia and Owen ...

    Grey's is doing ok considering this is season 12 and I will probably watch season 13. The 4 star instead 5 is because of my own personal gripes. I don't like the couples Jo and Alex or Amelia and Owen (poor guy can never seem to find a woman who loves him the way he needs it) or Miranda and Ben and the Jackson and April storyline is trying. The characters need to grow and start experiencing things outside of the hospital. Maybe have a character or former character write a tell-all or one of the doctors become famous or a reality star. I know, I'm reaching. I'm just saying, shake things up in a way that does not almost kill Meredith.

  • Busy Professional - A very good, customizable, user friendly, easy to install and simple to use system.

    After doing a significant amount of research on self-installed security systems, I elected to get the Simplisafe2 package. Having used it for about a week so far, I am very impressed as to how easy it was to install, and how straight forward it is to use.

  • Amazon Customer - The taste wasnt bad. But it causes aweful stomach ache a couple ...

    The taste wasnt bad. But it causes aweful stomach ache a couple hours after you drink it. Plan to be near a bathroom after about 3 hours. Also, i did not pass the drug test and i quit smoking 4 days before. Cant say I would purchase again.

  • Teacher Mom - Teacher recommended!!

    I am a high school. I bought this for my daughter. I taught her friend some of the strategies in the book, and her scores went up just by having a better understanding of the test.

  • omojefe ohovwore - HD Clear Vision Indoor TV Antenna-Free Over The Air Digital TV

    I have used this device for 5 months. It is a piece of crap. The manufacturer makes you feel you will receive over one hundred channels....that is a big lie. I do not see the difference in the one I had prior to its purchase. They are all not what they claim they are. Buyers beware!

  • Gina Williamson - How can people stomach this?

    I'm a lactose intolerant vegetarian who's trying to become vegan, and I thought I'd give this brand a try because I heard all about how good it is. It's hard to describe how absolutely disgusting this "food" is. It tastes like, and I'm not joking, vomit. It's oddly sweet and bitter at the same time but still manages to overall taste like cardboard, it has a grainy consistency. It leaves a taste in your mouth almost identical to vomit. I threw out the sandwich along with the entire bag.