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  • House of Vertu - Dislike packaging

    I liked the idea of these sticks as being clean energy with zero calories. ANd the taste wasn't too bad (I couldn't taste much of anything but a little bitter flavor). Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the packaging as it seemed like a huge waste of plastic with each use. I also didn't like putting the product, the stick, into my drink since I don't know where the stick was before it got to me. It was also a little difficult to stir all of the powder into my drink, and to know when it had all gotten in there, as the stick is white and so is the powder.

  • S. Whitcher - Quality solar charger & Battery pack

    After getting into hiking and camping last year, I bought this solar charger in the spring to try keeping my iphone charged on trips when electricity wasn't readily available. I didn't get to use it as much as I would have liked to this year, but the few times I did, I was very pleased. On a week long camping trip this summer, I was able to keep my phone going all week long with just the Goal Zero Guide 10 kit, and a 2nd set of rechargeable batteries. I would set the panel out in the morning, then spend the day hiking and such, then plug my phone into the battery pack overnight to charge. Since I was using my phone pretty heavily, I also had a 2nd set of rechargeable AA batteries and would sometimes change those after the first set finished charging. That way I had a spare set charged for the times when my phone started getting low earlier in the day because of more gps, internet, or other power hungry use.

  • D. Moorhead - Appears to be a dangerous product for your cat.

    At first, this collar seemed like a miracle product. I bought three of them for our three cats. Within a week or two, one of the cats developed severe lesions on her neck and began loosing her hair around the collar. I returned that collar for a refund. After a month, I noticed another cat was losing a lot of weight. We've been to the vet three times because of this. Finally, thinking I would temporarily remove the collar from him while we were fighting this weight loss, I noticed he had lost a large amount of hair on the bottom of his neck around the collar. It has since been too long to return this second collar. I think this collar is more dangerous to our cats than what we see at first glance. Careful consideration should be made before using the collar and then extensive monitoring of your cat for unexpected side effects.

  • Amazon Customer - I am extremely satisfied with this product

    I am extremely satisfied with this product. My hair was damaged from getting blonde highlights and my curls started appearing droopy, heavy, and my hair looked dry all the time. I thought cutting six inches off my hair would do the trick because I thought my curls were being weighed down because it was down to my waist, but that didn't help. My curls were still non existent. After doing tons of research and trying tons of different products I managed to come across a Youtuber that mentioned the APHogee brand. She said she had heat and chemical damage and that this product helped her. She utilized the two step treatment packets and said that her hair improved over time along with trimming her hair. I purchased the packets as well along with the textured hair wash, leave-in spray, and curl definer. After washing out the treatment and the moisturizer, I applied the leave in spray and the curl definer. I immediately could tell the difference even when my hair was wet. Even better, when it dried my curls were bouncy and almost back to their normal state. I honestly couldn't believe how fast it worked! I am so happy and I'm excited to see my hair's progress using this brand. I also put pure argan oil in my hair to ensure that it doesn't dry out. I will continue to gradually trim my hair and let the highlights grow out. I love this brand. I do suggest following the directions very closely as well. Make sure to THOROUGHLY rinse out the protein to keep your hair from breaking. The treatment doesn't smell the best but the other products I purchased have a pleasant smell. This product does its job. It treated my damaged hair very well. If your hair isn't damaged I don't suggest using the actual treatment.

  • nancy bellaire - Love this.

    I can't tell you exactly why I love this, but I do. Smell of oranges and the way my hair feels so healthy, I guess!

  • Haley Roth - Completely Inadequate Preparation- Save your $$

    I have never written a review for any product, but feel compelled to here for the sake of other test takers. This book is FILLED with mistakes... not small ones, but mismatched Charts to Questions, clearly wrong answers, and meager explanations and rationale. I highly deter to you from purchasing this. Even the online materials and app are filled with mistakes and glitches that make it impossible to evaluate your relationship to the test and materials. I just went to the store and purchased the Kaplan book instead- and wish I could return this one!