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  • Urine Drug Testing - Urine drug testing, also known as urinalysis, is the most common and widely accepted method to test for recent use of drugs.

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  • carmen dagostino - I love this tea.

    my wife & I each have a cup after supper, we love this tea, VERY RELAXING. It was great service, thanks.

  • D.R. Anders - Exactly like the Honda crossbars but half the price

    Exactly like the Honda crossbars but half the price. I installed them myself in about 25 minutes. (and I'm a girl) Would definitely recommend.

  • Y.B. - Great protection but a little hard to use

    I have used McAfee(very short time), Trend Micro and Norton 360 in the past. I personally loved Trend Micro. It was very easy to use and had it for several years. But my pc got infected one year. I got recommended Norton 360. I had it for the last two years. That was a mistake! Although the software has excellent reviews, my old pc constantly froze up and always had to end programs with Windows Task Manager and most of the time my pc didn't even respond to that, either. So many times every day. It was a nightmare! I thought it was caused by a virus from my kids playing videos games or something. Norton didn't detect anything. I was desperate to find some solutions and decided to get something different. Kaspersky came to my mind first. Great price form Amazon, too.

  • mark sexton - DON'T BUY THiS!!

    Bought this expensive product, followed instructions to the letter, and 6 months later it is peeling off. They do NOT support their product and basically told us we were screwed. Do not waste your money. It's a joke.

  • Diane Brooks - I like this and it is working for me

    I like this and it is working for me. Only criticism is there is too much talking ! The exercises are difficult (some of them) but even if I can't do them well, they still work! So far, I'm impressed! Haven't had sciatic pain since I've been doing the exercise. I would recommend this to others. Diane B.

  • jennifer g - this series was awesome. I read it again and again

    this series was awesome. I read it again and again. then with the additions in this one it made it even better. the best add on ever!

  • mbuck - What are you nuts?

    I have been using this skin mask for about 9 months now. I was shocked to read all the negative reviews! All the points made about a tingly feeling when you put the mask on, a tight feeling, mild smell, difficult to remove are so minor I can't believe these are the major points of complaint. This mask works wonders! I wish I could post a before and after picture of my face so you could see the incredible difference. The darker brown tint that was on my skin has completely receded. My skin looks so clear! I feel like it has taken seven or eight years off of my face and that's in only 9 months of use. A few minutes of scrubbing in the morning is a small price to pay for results like this. I started using the mask on a recommendation from a friend (whose skin had improved dramatically so I asked her secret). It took about two weeks for me to start seeing a difference but every day I use it I can see areas that are lighter and lines that disappear. I have people all the time asking what I use for my skin. Yeah, it's that good. I have a friend that has been getting chemical peels for a more youthful appearance. I feel like my results have been better than the chemical peels without treating my skin harshly. This is definitely worth trying. Once you see how well it works, you will be converted!