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  • Trae. - First Try!

    I started taking these pills Monday and have noticed a small breakout but I think that is expected with biotin. However, I will keep you all posted on any hair growth or changes I see.

  • JAM_AZ - Fits just perfect on Tacoma 2007 TRD Sport

    These fit perfect, they bring a couple of mounting screws and a protective film strip for each side prior to mounting. They install in less than 5-10mins, very easy. They are shorter, yet, for that reason stronger than the factory ones, which flap on the highway as you drive. I still see new Tacoma's, Toyota still use the long ones, which will break eventually. The price on these is very reasonable. I am considering replacing the rear set also for these. Great product, and I see it's a great brand, made in the USA!!! I recommend.

  • Melissa E. Kuhns - ingredients list would have kept me from purchasing

    I have had to use all natural hair shampoo for the past year because I was progressively having allergic reactions even to Aveda products. The no poo method was the only thing to keep scalp from itching. So when I purchased this product...silly me...I assumed it was all isnt. Alcohol is listed as one of the first ingredients and fragrance the last...among other things. I have 36oz of something that I can't use...I can only say I disappointed and warn you to look at the ingredients...

  • Ricardo Flores - Great value--wireless earphones commensurate with brands 5 times as exspensive!!!

    These are exactly what I wanted. Since I have used Jaybird wireless earphones I will compare the TaoTronics to them. I have had two pairs Jaybird wireless earphones over the last 4 years and these are much better value. The Jaybirds start to fail to charge after a few months and completely die within about 18 months. For the price of one set of Jaybird wireless earphones, you can get 5 or 6 pairs of these TaoTronics. I use these during high intensity workouts. They have not fallen out once. They have similar sound quality to the Jaybirds. The Jaybird Sprints were able to get me through about two workouts...these have gotten me through two workouts and 2 hours of studying and still have about a 30% charge. With the Jaybirds, my phone needed to be on the right side of my body or else it cut out. I have left my phone on the floor and walked around a 100ftx50ft gym without the signal cutting out with the TaoTronics. The value of these earphones is amazing. I was skeptical as I was expecting to pay another $150+ dollars for another set of earphones; I am glad I found these.

  • Pen Name - Stubby antenna

    Great product, easy install. Very pleased with it. Highly recommend this item. Gives the car a lot cleaner look and reception remains the same.

  • McKenna Morgan - Guaranteed to raise your score!

    This book is AWESOME for the English, math, and reading sections. How-tos and explanation for each type of problem is provided, as well as tips to eliminate answers when you can. I jumped up 30 percentile from the diagnostic test to my official test, with only 1 practice test and two busy weeks in between! I can only imagine if I took a few extra weeks to nail down the root words!

  • Amazon Customer - If you saw this on shark tank it had a ...

    If you saw this on shark tank it had a smoothness to sound and pour that mine lacks. It is noisy when moving the handle to the different positions. It takes a few second after this noise for the beer to flow. It is very lightweigt.