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  • Fintz - Quality Control Problems

    This is potentially a great balance bike, and I imagine if you get one with no issues from the manufacturer you'd give it 5 stars. The parts seem solid and durable. But, if you order one, be prepared for the possibility that you'll have to send it back or exchange. The neck on ours is faulty and holds the handlebars substantially crooked, so one grip is about 1.5 inches higher than the other. You can easily see this with the naked eye and it looks clearly defective, though the part is so sturdy that it couldn't have happened in shipping. There's no way I can see to make a home fix without possibly damaging the part, and I shouldn't have to anyway considering the price tag is premium for a toddler's bike. Also, whoever installed the back wheel at the factory didn't use care in matching up the threads and cranked the nut down anyway, so one side is now stripped. This is just pure laziness. I don't think the wheel will fall off, and it would last as long as my daughter will use it, but this bike should last through many hand-me-downs and if the wheel is removed too many times the entire hub will need to be replaced. Basically the assembler was careless, knew there was damage and a defect, but boxed up the bike for sale anyway. This is incredibly irritating, wastes my time and money, and guarantees I won't be buying anything else from this company sight unseen, if at all.

  • Kristine - fine wavy hair

    My hair gets messed with a lot for my work, has been bleached and mistreated. I'm a middle blonde, fine wavy hair.

  • Cal Johnson - Would give it LESS THAN ONE STAR if I could

    I hated the book but gave it 5 stars so Amazon wouldn't delete my review. I also wanted to see if it lists me as a verified purchase,

  • Michele - Great book- must for pre-meds

    This is a great book on all the MD schools in the US and tells you all the basic info about each school. Only downside is that it does not include DO schools.

  • Byron L. Postma - Decent Antivirus/Malware Software but Take Care Upgrading

    Norton anti-malware products have come a long way from the buggy, clunky products of the past, and I have used them for the past few years because they mostly stay out of my way. This version has a very good firewall, OK antivirus and good anti-spyware. It also has some bloatware, including Identity Safe, a small amount of online backup, tune-up tools, and other stuff, which some users may find useful, but are outclassed by dedicated solutions.