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UT Health : The University of Toledo - The University of Toledo Physicians provides the highest quality, comprehensive, cost-efficient and effective healthcare in a patient-centered environment, distinguished by national leadership in medical education and research.

  • http://utphysicians.utoledo.edu/utp/directions/ UT Health: The University of Toledo - Directions and Maps - Directions to the university of toledo medical center hospital. Level one trauma hospital in Toledo, Ohio 43614. 3000 Arlington Avenue, between byrne and detroit.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -83.6044 Ohio, United States

  • Gameraddikted - Good Start

    As the title says its definitely a good start. I was able to watch movies right away. The tool bar at the bottom while watching must be removed. Very annoying. Audio seemed great for me dispite the issues the other reviewers are having. My primary reason for leaving this review is the video quality! Worst quality so far out of the 4 apps I use. It definitely needs some tweaking ASAP!

  • C. Wickline - Deep Conditions!!!

    Ok so let me tell you first and foremost. Full disclosure here…..even though I got this item at a discounted price with shipping and everything. I would never let that sway my opinion in either direction. I believe in being completely honest when I review a product. We’re all consumers here, and I depend on other people’s review of products before I buy them. So rest assured you will get my honest opinion and feedback! After all – it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it so why not!?

  • Nana B - I would not recommend this product

    This product does nothing to relieve nasal congestion. It was no different than putting vaseline in your nostrils. I would not recommend this product.

  • alexliamw - Truly original and pioneering - refreshing for a 90s record

    'Blue Lines' is so refreshing for a record made in 1991 in that it sounds nothing like anything that came before it. Sure, its spawned imitators since, but nothing before was quite like Blue Lines. Built on the exciting principle of collaboration, these are perfectly constructed songs blending chilled-out, ambient beats with vocals of various styles - soul, reggae and rap and synths and keyboard effects that fill out a beautiful spectrum of sound.

  • Sharon - I Love this Antenna

    Replaced factory installed antenna with the Stubby and I love it. Perfect fit, took two minutes to install and absolutely no change in signal on either AM or FM. Now I don't have to remove my antenna everytime I go through the car wash!

  • Scott - It does not work

    The clip part simply does not work. I tried after a long shower and soaking my finger nails. Did not make a dent in the nail. It may work on small children but not on an adult. Don't be misled by the web site or the TV advertisement. Thankfully I order on Amazon so the return and credit was easy.

  • Janet Ruckles - Absolutely a must if you have a family member with ...

    Absolutely a must if you have a family member with autism, ADHD, ADD or bipolar disorder. So few people understand how allergies and a leaky gut can result in devastating depression and negative behaviors. The author is extremely knowledgeable about how the 'gut' affects the brain and how the type of food we eat affects us.