Vale de Moses » Yoga, Massage and Acupuncture in the Portuguese Mountains - <p> You are invited to retreat to Vale de Moses, a small old valley farm nestled in the remote and picturesque foothills of the Serra de Estrela mountain range, Central Portugal.</p><p> Spend a week here on the edge of wilderness, in the beautifully restored home of the Winter family, beneath the village of Amieira, Oleiros. Practice yoga daily, walk in forests, swim and mud bathe in rivers, breath mountain air, eat deliciously, sleep deeply. Retreat.</p><p> This warm invitation is open for everyone, travelling alone or with friends, new to yoga or practicing for decades. But it&rsquo;s particularly for those in need of a break. That&rsquo;s why a health consultation, massage and acupuncture treatment is included in the price. Retreat from 740&euro; to 890&euro; per person per week. 10% discount for returning guests, groups or a 2 week stay.</p><p> <strong>QUICK LINKS</strong>:</p><p> Our <u><a href="">2016 Retreat Calendar</a></u><span> shows live availability for each retreat. The&nbsp;</span><u><a href="">Come and Go</a></u><span> page has travel advice. Our&nbsp;</span><a href=""><u>Welcome Pack</u></a><span> will help you prepare for your stay with us. The Nourish </span><u><a href="">e-Cookbook</a></u><span> has some of our delicious retreat menus.&nbsp;</span>Our &ldquo;<a href="">We Love Moses</a>&rdquo; blog has stories from our life here in the mountains. The magical story of how our dog Moses helped us find this remote valley in 2007 is on our <u><a href="">old travel blog</a></u>. Do also read our&nbsp;<u><a href="">guest reviews</a></u> and <u><a href="">Press</a></u> articles.</p>

  • Vale de Moses » Practice - <p> Yoga is a love affair.</p><p> When we first go to a yoga studio or buy a book or watch a video, we may do so because on some level we recognise we are under strain. Mental, physical or emotional. We practice a little and feel loosened, at greater ease. Some of the stress we carried before our practice seems to abate enough so that we may move into our life with assurance.&nbsp; Yoga is healing and offers us a return to a state of equilibrium. So we devote a little more time to ourselves, just for ourselves.</p><p> The teachers at Vale de Moses trustfully impart their experience of yoga, as personal practitioners and as students. They employ the teachings of many styles, sharing their treasured love of this ancient practice in an earthy, simple, kindly and compassionate manner.&nbsp; Morning classes are often flowing and energetic, inspired by Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Dynamic Hatha Yoga, setting us up nicely for a day of therapies, sun bathing and exploring.&nbsp; Sultry afternoon classes of Yin Yoga, focused asana exploration, playful unintimidating partner or Acro Yoga and some quiet contemplation. Together we artfully cultivate a love of personally empowered practice and sow seeds of self understanding so we can move more gracefully into a state of integration, wholeness and ultimately, relaxation.</p><p> Right now, you may be in the early tentative days of this yoga romance, or entirely certain that what was once a sporadic practice has now become a way of life.&nbsp; Whatever stage in your relationship, a retreat at Vale de Moses is an invitation to deepen the love affair. With yoga and with yourself. Removed from the normal stresses and responsibilities of life, surrounded by the stunning wilderness of the Portuguese forests, nurture yourself, without distraction. Be romanced into yoga, free from intimidating complex drills, open slowly, sweetly, squeeze and savour all the juice out of your practice and digest every drop of the nutrients.&nbsp;</p><p> Through the gentle compassionate guidance of experienced teachers, be taken inward to connect with the harmonious rhythm of your breathing and from this rhythm into your body. Broaden, lengthen and soften into each asana, into your day, into your week and into your life. The indulgent luxury of time loosens and dissolves nervous tension. From this calm space, a confidence in ourselves and our personal experience grows.&nbsp;</p><p> Return home with a stronger desire to cultivate a personal practice that encourages a little more contentment and ease in your world.</p><p> Bend, stretch, ground, bind, flow, cry, invert, balance, fold, open, relax, tuck, twist, release, close, experience silence, contemplate, walk, broaden, sing, dance, digest, taste, consolidate, stand, swim, sit, lengthen, soften, calm, laugh, live, love, lie down.</p><p> Practice yoga. Feel delicious.<br /> &nbsp;</p>
  • Vale de Moses » Daily Schedule - <p> <strong>Sunday afternoon arrival</strong> from Lisbon at 5pm or from Porto at 8.30pm. Sundays are just to arrive, settle into your accommodation, meet the team and the others on your group and have dinner together.</p><p> <strong>Monday to Friday</strong></p><p> <strong>7.30am</strong> Kitchens open for tea, fresh fruit and nuts</p><p> <strong>8am</strong> Silent led meditation walk through the forest&nbsp;</p><p> <strong>8.30am </strong>Yoga 2 hour class with your teacher for the week</p><p> <strong>10.30am </strong>Big breakfast, a variety of delicious rice and grain porridges, fruit salads, toasted seeds, local honey and freshly squeezed juices</p><p> <strong>11.30am</strong> Free time / massage treatments / swimming / walking</p><p> <strong>2pm </strong>Large nutritious lunch</p><p> <strong>3pm </strong>More free time / massage treatments / swimming / walking&nbsp;</p><p> <strong>5pm </strong>Yoga classes/workshops</p><p> <strong>7pm </strong>Light evening meal</p><p> One afternoon in the week we head off to the nearby Rio Z&ecirc;zere for a wild swim and mud bath weather permitting.</p><p> <strong>Friday </strong>evening party with music and dancing</p><p> <strong>Saturday </strong>check out 7am for 8am coach to Porto or Lisbon. 2pm for 3pm coach for Lisbon</p>
  • Vale de Moses » Recipe Book - <p> E-Book Pdf version: <strong>15&euro;&nbsp;</strong><br /> (In Paperback / Hardback for this Christmas: Prices to be confirmed.)</p><p> This recipe collection was lovingly collated by Katherine Smith and beautifully designed by Toby Leetham with three things in mind; nourishment, vitality and satisfaction. Inside the 93 pages are some of the most celebrated meals at Vale de Moses that have had the biggest WOW factor and have consistently made the hungry, happy.</p><p> We know that food is life. Without it, we simply would not survive. Food has the healing potential for us to thrive when we eat nourishing, nurturing meals that feed our bellies, hearts and minds.</p><p> Katherine has compiled delicious dishes that compliment each other and make it easier for you to prepare whole meals for yourself, your friends and family. Vonetta has written a Foreword thanking many of our friends and family and a host of other cook books that have inspired these recipes.&nbsp; There&#39;s also a really useful Resource section at the back for those wanting to find out a little more about the Ayurvedic principles behind many of the dishes.</p><p> To order, please email [email protected] and we will send you a 15&euro; Paypal invoice (you can send us a bank transfer if you prefer). Once paid, we&#39;ll email you straight away your copy of &quot;Nourish: Healing meals from Vale de Moses&quot;.</p>

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