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  • Barnzey - Very informative

    Big book and lots of information! It's helping in our trip planning. Very heavy book so don't plan on packing it around with you.

  • 303DenverGal - Best cooking magazine

    This has been my favorite magazine for several years! I'm so happy that it's available on Kindle now too as it makes it easier for me to recycle the paper versions.... next step for Cooking light should be the option to save a couple bucks and not even mail it to me anymore.

  • Amazon Customer - I noticed that my scars were fading and my skin felt like actual skin

    in order for this product to work, you need to first cleanse your skin with warm water and some deep pore cleanser of your choice. Then this product will go into your pores and it will work. If you just put it on right after taking off your makeup without taking all the bacteria and dirt out first, then it will only pile up and cause you to break out more.

  • bamf70 - Not bad

    I've been using Symantec and McAfee corporate versions for the last few years but decided I'd try this as it is consistently rated #1 in overall protection. One thing I don't like is like most retail AV programs it really lets you know it's there. The corporate products work and you see a little icon in the task bar and unless you try to open an infected file or they are running a scan you never see them. This one has an app that installs (not a fan of this at all) and when you double click on the K in the system tray it opens a window that's far from low key. On the plus side my computer runs well and doesn't seem to have the memory or CPU taxed by keeping this running like some older versions of Norton used to.

  • TEXFC - Antenna fits nice and looks good

    Antenna fits nice and looks good, however, I lost app. 20 miles distance, at least, in reception. Original antenna could pick up radio station (FM) clearly, 20 miles farther than this Stubby Antenna does. So if driving around in town with strong radio station, OK - if in suburban/rural areas - skip it and go fo a larger antenna.

  • Don Ranney - This seems to be a good review of top professionals

    This seems to be a good review of top professionals. I am proud to see my own ectensive biography here.