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  • Melody - Hunter game

    This was a gift for my husband. My family had lots of fun playing this game. Much to my husbands distress, so far it turns out that my 13 year old daughter is the best at shooting in this game.

  • lkbmlb - High Sierra Loop Backpack, City Map/Ash

    This is the best backpack that I have ever owned! It has lots of pockets and the straps a comfortable to carry. I highly recommend this.

  • Laurel - I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like ...

    I bought this due to reading and hearing people rave about this. I am disappointed as 1) the smell of this is nothing like I was expecting. To me it has a "hospital-y" smell. 2.) As far as moisturization/ aiding with dry skin this didn't do anything superior to the baby baths that we used prior to this one. Note that this does not create a "bubble bath" as the bubbling is minimal (that did not affect my review though as I did not buy it as a bubble bath- just an observation I made compared to competing brands) Overall this is "okay" but I don't think we will re-order. I will stick with the J&J calming baby bath as that one does the trick for us and smells a lot more fresh and clean to me.

  • WheresTheGym? - Nice black color. But I have noticed a few easy chips

    The color is great and it coats well. Plan to get a few cans, though. I thought I could get away with one like another poster said, but you're going to want to buy 3 to get several coats and smooth, solid black color on all 4 rims.

  • nicole - smells great but does not tan

    I caught onto the this craze when I saw it all over facebook. Iv used so many sunless tanners I can't remember them all. I purchased this to try and got it VERY quickly along with the lotion mitt. I used it yesterday afternoon, just one application and by the next morning I so no difference in the color of my skin. I used some more this morning and as of 3pm I still show no darker color. For the cost of this item I would expect faster and better results. I only gave it 2 stars because it smells 10x better than most sunless tanners and it came super fast. I would not buy it again. I will stick with my este lauder over the counter tanning towletts for much cheaper.

  • Townsaver87 - For The Price Point you can not go wrong

    These are a nice set of wrenches at this price. They will hold up to moderate to heavy use. Abuse any tool and it will fail, including these. The roll up case is ok, can be hung on the wall. Nice extra considering again, the price. It is nice to finally have a full set of SAE and Metric that I won't cry over if they get lost or stolen, as tools always seem to do.

  • Larry J. Capsel - GREAT BUY

    McAfee has always been considered a good anti-virus program. Dell Computers install it on their computers. Installed easily on my computers