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  • A. Sansguiri - Simple and meaty!

    I've never had Biltong before, and I heard BB had the most authentic taste. I didn't know what to expect, and honestly my first bite was pretty gross. Or so I thought. I tried it again, and it can be chewy, but it's moist and deeply flavorful. The flavor is like rich, slow-cooked meat, but in a jerky. If anyone has ever tried Sophia's jerky chews, they're similar - with a simple vinegar and spice marinade, it's savory and the grass-fed beef flavor really comes through. None of the sugar/ soy sauce/ extra stuff.

  • lisa - amazing finds

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP. I have found so many awesome and unique items on this site. I have ordered over a hundred things between this site and its sister sites. I have only gotten a few duds. The customer service is totally amazing. I do a lot of online shopping and the customer service for Wish is one of the very best.

  • Sharon Haars - Elemis Deep Drainage Body Cleansing

    I really love theElemis product, it works just like it said. My goal was to eliminate the belly bulge and it did just that, I will order it again and definitely recommend it to friends.

  • Ty C. - but I do like to eat good food and drink alcohol on the ...

    Have bought this stuff 3 times now, for a reason. I run about 7miles a day and moderately lift weights. I was having troubles still being hungry after eating dinner, as I was probaly eating too little. Instead of snacking on things around my dinner, I drink one of these, and it has noticably helped me tone up. I was not trying to lose weight necessarily, but I do like to eat good food and drink alcohol on the weekends. This has helped me trim that little extra layer of squish into a more firm core.