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Vz Dynamic | Le parapente en bourgogne - Vz Dynamic : Club de parapente créé en 1993, Vz Dynamic organise des sorties club toute l'année, participe à la coupe icare, et evolut dans le ciel de bourgogne

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • Alexandra Vidacs - I used Saunders at first, but the amount of ...

    I used Saunders at first, but the amount of content was really overwhelming. Kaplan is really straightforward and helpful with learning how to answer priority questions. Completed the book and the trainers and passed my NCLEX!

  • Albinomex ~ Jeni's Bookshelf - Great case that does it's job well!

    This was purchased for my teen's new Kindle Fire after a few failed purchases. I'm actually glad the others did not work out, because this one was a winner! It has protected her Kindle well, & it was a great price! We also liked all of the color choices available.

  • Nbennett9 - It Really Works!! 😍

    I love this tanner!! I have very very pale skin and was worried this was going to turn me a bad shade of brown or orange. The liquid comes out very dark brown so that really worried me. I bravely covered my body (with out spot testing it) and was shocked at how natural it looked. I don't need any foundation with this on. I am shocked and beyond pleased. This is my new favorite beauty product!

  • Michael Vanbuskirk - Funny and wonderfully insightful

    I was so entertained by the shareholder letters -- in combination with the performance of the stock -- that I had to read other things by or about Buffett and his partner Munger. The shareholder letters are Buffett's view on Berkshire's annual report with a lot of humor and musings on investing thrown in. Buffett is a master communicator. One has to shake one's head at the chart at the book's beginning showing the comparison of Berkshire and S&P over 40 or so years. Wow, these guys are good! Other books -- Cunningham's book on Buffett (compilation of shareholder letter passages illustrating recurring themes, a kind of Berkshire in a Nutshell -- very good), Munger's "Psychology of Misjudgements" (a speech at Harvard Law School, on Youtube, very good), Tao of Buffett and Snowball (neither are my cup of tea), Intelligent Investor by Graham (Buffett's favorite book on investing, get the edition with commentary by Jason Zweig. -- fantastic).