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Augusta University - Located in Augusta, Georgia, Augusta University is a public research university and medical center dedicated to training the next generation of innovators, leaders and health care providers.

Country:, North America, US

City: -96.6645 Texas, United States

  • Frank Montaniz - Add a star if you're a beginner

    I've been using this product for years and while it has slowly evolved to its current features and benefits list, its fundamental flaws persist. First, though, the benefits. The newest and most important feature is "tree synching," which allows you keep your ancestry.com family tree synchronized with information you manage on your PC. And by information, I mean, just about anything: facts, sources, documents, photos, etc.

  • Shaun - Awesome. But i live in maine

    Bought for headlights. Wow. Awesome. But i live in maine. Dont ever let this product get cold. Well, unless u dont touch it. When a layer of rubber cement gets cold and somthinging like an ice scraper touches it, you have a layer of blurry rubber. Took me forever trying to buff off the crap i put over my lenses. Way longer than i had already spent using a lens clearing pollish. Plus to top it i had most of the product left which was cool, till it fell over. The bottle has no seal so it rubber cemented a bunch of things to the bottom of a drawer for me. Maybe its ok on other stuff that u dont plan on touching.

  • Marjie - Makes hair brittle

    I am of African American/native American descent. The product made my hair brittle and cause my skin to breakout. The taste did not bother me and I could drink it without adding it to water or other liquids.

  • Thoughtful - OK for the $

    Not expensive of nuclear powered but it does the job for minor pain. The pads are a bit pricey but manageable. Probably not as convenient to use as a high dollar unit but for around the house it is fine.

  • Chelsea Purcell - well worth the price

    Longer length, tougher, and a very good price. Far better than the lead supplied with iPad. Can recommend this lead, that charges my phone (1A) and my Samsung tablet (2.1A) at the same time from one outlet