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Westcoast Integrative Health | North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic - Westcoast Integrative health provides person centered primary and preventative family medicine through natural treatments and recommended lifestyle changes.

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  • Mocoman - Lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks with this product that I bought from GNC

    I bought this product at GNC not at Amazon and wanted to share our success with you guys. I am 56 and my wife 53 We have used this product for about 3 weeks and went from 203 lbs. to 190. My wife has been dieting(eating careful (like a bird) and exercising for months with NO weight loss till we both started using this at the same time as I. She has now lost weight 168 to 160 in same amount of time I have (3 weeks). Best thing to do is start this with one pill and let body get used to it, and then one in the morning and one at afternoon. Make sure you have I have been exercising and eating careful before hand loosing and gaining weekly up and down. I exercise every day from lifting weights which this stuff helps me push hard at the Gym, and a about 24 mile bike ride once a week and a 5k(3 miles about) once a week not on bike day. When I started using it I was told by a GNC rep. to start off with 1 pill in the morning for about 3 days to a week, for your body to get used to it, then start taking 2 as on the bottle in the morning. I did that an it was too much for me and same for my wife. So we changed to one in the morning and one at lunch. Make you feel alert and like I said, makes you push hard at the Gym.Best thing to do is start this with one pill and let body get used to it, and then one in the morning and one at afternoon. Make sure you have at least 6 hrs before bed. IT WORKS GREAT!!!

  • Kathy Grant - Baseball Time

    Our 10 year old Grandson loves baseball, and loves practicing. We bought this for him to help get his "swing" to count! We just purchased this, he was completely excited with it, but have to wait until Spring to see if his "swing" his better. But he is outside practicing all the time now and that can't be bad!

  • Beverly - The shakes and Passion are both horribly sweet (I have to use double to amount of ...

    I just finished my first week. Initially, I lost 8.5 lbs., but today it is only 5 lbs. The shakes and Passion are both horribly sweet (I have to use double to amount of water just so I can drink them). Even though I am drinking upwards of 5 litres of water per day, in addition to taking Pure, I have found myself to be dreadfully constipated a few times (which is something completely foreign for me). The first two days I had horrible headaches and was extremely hungry. (I found the headaches to be odd since I don't drink coffee and have only 1 cup of tea per day. I did not experience any of these side effects when I was on the HCG diet.) I will finish the 30 days and then make a final decision, but if I were to decide today, I would continue a similar diet using other shakes and supplements. This is way too expensive for the minimal results I've seen.

  • Deep Freeze - This Junk Lasted 4 Months... Remember When Your Sony Walkman lasted for Years?

    This piece of junk lasted about 4 months and then died completely. At least my three ipod shuffles lasted about a year each, on average.

  • AlphaBaker - A MUST BUY for any Exploding Kittens fans.

    If you have Exploding Kittens, you have to get this! It comes with 6 new cards, and since there are multiple of the same card, so it totals to 20 cards, and it includes the Imploding Kitten, where if you draw it face down, you don't have to defuse, and you have to put it face up anywhere in the deck, and whoever draws it face up, is dead and out of the game and cannot defuse it. It also comes with the CONE OF SHAME, where the first person to forget whose turn comes next (because there are reverses that reverse the turn order) has to where it and rotate it so the arrow points in the direction of turn order. I'm going to leave the rest of the cards a surprise.

  • Ennoble - quality lacking

    With all the great reviews that were here I thought these were going to be great. When they showed up the cloth holder wasn't nearly as nice as it looked in the picture and it was filthy, but i figured I was still getting a lot of reasonably good wrenches for a good price. Now six months have passed and I've actually tried to use the wrenches for a number of jobs (bolts in fences, assembling an elliptical, lag bots into studs for storage/tv holders, etc. The precision of the tools is really lacking. Every time I've got to use the wrenches the "right" sized wrench tends to not quite fit over the bolt in question. I end up picking another one that is similar sized to try and find something that works, but ultimately reach for a pair of channel locks because the wrenches can't do the job. The first time this happened I said, "Well at least I got a good deal on them," now I'm wishing I had just returned them immediately and gotten some higher quality ones

  • D. SANDAHL - Very Effective

    We built our house, which sits back in the woods, about 10 years ago. Inevitably, we've seen an increase in moss, algae and mildew on wood and painted surfaces.