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  • Clutch Cargo - Good sound, good comfort.

    Received these two days ago, so i don't have a lot to report other than they are a) comfortable, b) very secure and good for working out, c) sound great, and d) holding their charge well.

  • Reaper - FAKE.....MADE IN KOREA

    Ordered these thinking i was gettin a good deal but when they arrived i was checkin em out and noticed they looked a little different than the others i have purchased at my local parts store. The stickers seemed a little bit lighter in color and they are stamped on the bottom by the removal nut with "MADE IN KOREA" even though the sticker says "MADE IN USA". Also, there are gonna be a double capitol letter stamped onto the top of the inside of the filter into the metal, for example "AA" or "ZZ" and these dont have the stamped metal. I am returning them!!!!

  • Vicki - It does not work at all like shown on TV

    This item is a piece of junk! It does not work at all like shown on TV! Then - when asking for a refund they refuse sighting their "Terms and Conditions". Beware !

  • Heather - Great Router and love the Peanut Smart Plug!

    So far I absolutely love this router. It was so easy to setup and the touch screen is so handy for easy access. It does say a 3 minute setup and took more about 5 or 6 minutes because I had to wait for everything to reboot, but I'm ok with that. It was extremely easy to connect all of my other devices to the WI-FI and I downloaded a speedtest app to check the signal at various points in my house with my old router and then again in the same places with the new one and the signal stayed stronger in further away places. My router also came with a Peanut Smart Plug that connects to the router and can be turned on and off remotely with my cell phone while I'm away or home and it was a breeze to hook up. Less than a minute and it was working great. I did have to use a web browser to setup the port forwarding my IP Cameras and it was super simple. I'm really happy I upgraded to this router.

  • J. Martin - Mixed feelings

    I can no longer continue drinking any sort of shake diets because of worsening GERD I've had for a few years (Not caused by any of the shakes).

  • pupylve - What a great product - wish we knew about it sooner

    This was a life changing purchase for my husband. He has suffered with back pain for years and had back surgery 5 years ago. When he overdoes it and is feeling pain, this little gadget comes to the rescue! Helps to immediately alleviate the pain so he can relax and stretch. What a great product - wish we knew about it sooner! Simple to operate and battery lasts a long time.