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  • Paul Savich - Helps

    Gives you what you a great understanding of what your getting yourself into and help prepare you for what you need to know.

  • Some guy in MS - Needs work - but no other choices

    I'm running server 2012 for a small business. Setup was easy, but it was a little convoluted for clients. Whatever you do,don't try to connect clients until they are upgraded to the Pro version of windows, or there is a long, sometimes difficult uninstallation and change of computer name required to reconnect which can be very painful.

  • Kitty - Great magickal tool, so-so datebook.

    I love the Llewellyn's datebook as a magickal tool. It is full of useful information and spells. But, as far as a datebook/planner goes, it's pretty limited. It has a horizontal design which isn't my favorite, but is workable. It doesn't offer a lot of room for writing things down--if you just have a couple of things you need to get done each day it's perfect. I ADORED this thing when I was just in school.

  • Amazon Customer - old stretch marks.

    best product I ever tried for my stretch marks, it runs really fast and it's a bit pricey but it does miracles.

  • Duane R. Isham - Good Tax Software

    I've been using H&R Block tax software for years and it is easy to use and I have never encountered any errors. I submitted this years taxes using it and received my refund in less than two weeks. It has all the forms and provides detailed backup date to record what you submitted and how it was calculated.