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  • Murali Manohar - Never buy this product

    Lost complete hope in this product. I got 3 yrs back and was not satisfied with the product. sales rep told that they have improved their product, but PC is slow and attacks of malware is easy. Will never buy this product in future.

  • VA Reader - Shiny but warped

    As noted by other reviewers, these warp badly -- pretty much anything over 350 degrees, and even 350 is dicey. Not necessarily a problem if you are only using for cookies, but not useful for anything else!

  • CTBarb - Very Easy to use and Ancestry.com is a deal

    This is a very easy software to use. I had used a much older version which I found easy too. But the big plus for this was the Amcestry.com membership. I have expanded my tree to double its size in just a few weeks. Publishing capability is a bit limited. Wanted to do the family view that was available in the older version....can't seem to find it...but I may be missing it. I am very happy with the package. It allows easy merging of information from multiple sources even if the data are slightly out of wack which allows you to keep track of different potential branches and information. I had put my genealogical research on hold a few years ago when I hit a confusing period in the early 1700s when multiple potential branches showed up and I couldn't pick the one that seemed to be my ancestors. This has allowed me to experiment with each and after following the potentials back a generation to decide that I am on the right branch. All in all it has revived my interest in genealogy of my family and I have begun to research my husband's family as well.

  • L. Sellin - The irredeemables

    This is a collection of stories with people who ruminate about what is the evil in their insides or who deny the problems they have (drugs, drink, sexual excesses, thievery). There is the mother whose children leave with their father when her biting of them, her very attempt to eat them, gets to be too much. And then they all die. I think my favorite story was the one with the guy who suddenly realizes that all his friends are getting divorced and there he is with a pregnant wife, dreaming of a cabin of his own. It was interesting to read the narratives by the O. Henry Prize jurors who selected the stories and the write-ups from the authors about the inspiration for the stories they wrote.

  • james wilkins - Great dust collector for a space challenged shop - I wish I had bought one years ago

    I stalled off buying a dust collector as I have a small shop and space is a premium commodity. I planned to use this on the planer and router table which generate a high volume of large chips to supplement to my shop vac with the Oneida Dust Deputy . I still use the Dust Deputy on some of the smaller tools such as the belt sander and for shop clean-up, but this my first choice for most of the shop tools. The dust collectors have much higher volume of lower suction than the shop vacs so I expected the higher suction of the shop vac / Dust Deputy would work better on some tools. This cleans out chips from the machines better than the shop vac. The Dust Deputy is easier to empty, but this holds much more so needs to be emptied less frequently. After using this as 'portable' for a few weeks I finally decided to hang it up - you can easily just lift it off the wall bracket to move it. I'm very pleased with the performance and 2.5 micron bag filtering.

  • Deon - Sturdy product

    Have purchased several bath mats in the past year and this is by far the best of them all. The problem was the soapy water getting underneath the mats and then when getting out of the tub the mat would start sliding. This one isn't as pretty as the clear ones but it does the job. This mat DOES NOT MOVE and adheres to the floor of the tub securely. Very happy with this purchase. Am going to buy another to keep as a backup.

  • Azucena P. Perez - My hairstylist (Aveda) recommended this product and I can tell you that within ...

    Due to many years of dyeing my hair and straightening, I started to see less and less hair at the temples and throughout my head. I've always had a full head of hair, lots of hair so I was traumatize to not feel the fullness of my hair anymore. I'm in my early 40s. My hairstylist (Aveda) recommended this product and I can tell you that within 1-2 months, I could see a visible difference. It's now been about 6 months and I have so much more thick hair that I don't even know what to do with it all! AMAZING results, honestly. I'm so happy. I will say that it didn't make my hair grow faster, it just allowed most of my hair follicles to actually grow more hair and it's visibly thicker. I used it at night and in the morning at first. But now, I only use it after I wash my hair (3-4 times a week) because I don't think I need it anymore but love the fullness of my mane. Give it a try, you will love it!