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Self-help Program heals Stress, Burnout, Anxiety or Depression in 15 minutes a day - This online Self-Help Program resolves Stress, Burnout, Anxiety and Depression, reducing stress after one month, 15 minutes per day

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  • http://www.15minutes4me.com/online-self-help-program-in-15-minutes-per-day/ Online Self-help Program in 15 minutes per day! - 15 Minutes 4 Me - 15Minutes4Me.com is the result of more than 20 years of experience and research as a Physician specialized in the treatment, prevention and therapy of all types of stress, burnout, anxiety or depression.
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  • http://www.15minutes4me.com/e-book-solving-stress-in-10-steps/ E-Book: Solving stress in 10 steps - 15 Minutes 4 Me - A practical guide with steps so you can solve your stress step by step in 15 minutes per day!

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  • Autodidact - Cool, interested to see more when it ships

    Looks really interesting, I like that you can attach the camera of your choice but $1500 seams a bit steep, hopefully they can bring the price down quickly. There is another device that is very similar, it has the camera built in and is a bit less costly the Lily

  • Vanessa - We ended up getting a good solid install using the seat belt with the blue ...

    We have only had this car seat for a week. I picked it because of the extended rear facing and lower levels of chemicals in the materials. It was a little difficult to install in the middle seat of our 2011 Highlander because that middle seat is slightly lower than the two adjacent seats And the base ends up sitting on all 3 seats. We ended up getting a good solid install using the seat belt with the blue lock out clips even though the seat belt does ratchet and the lock outs weren't necessary for the installation according to the instructions. My son's head does fall forward now when he is sleeping, but I imaging that would be the case in any convertible car seat as the sitting position is more upright than the recline of the infant seat (Chico key fit).

  • D. Hsu - Wonderful Product to curb my sugar craving!

    Finally, for the first time in my life that my sugar craving was under control. I don't think about food all the time any more. I have more energy and feel more calm and "settled". No bad side effects for me at all. I am so satisfied with this miracle product!

  • Shannon C. - Completely satisfied

    I've been purchasing this book to help with tax preparation for myself and a few familiy members after I retired from the tax profession six years ago. Thus far I've never been stumped on a tax question. It's a great book for individual tax preparation. For any more complex matters, the book gives the necessary references.

  • Mr. and Mrs. C - This is a great addition to any hair loss prevention or restoration routine

    This is a great addition to any hair loss prevention or restoration routine. All you do is apply a couple of drops directly to the scalp/hair and rub them in. We liked to put this on my husbands hair right after he showered. It can make the hair look a little greasy if you use too much so start off small and increase if needed. My husband has been dealing with hair loss for about 4-5 years now and over the past year we've seen his hair start to re-grow and with Omiera's hair loss treatment we've noticed even more "baby" hairs beginning to grow again! It is wonderful to use a product and actually see the results within a small amount of time.

  • Dan Griesemer - Good deal

    They are as advertised. The instructions were simple. The hardest part of installation was removing the rear tires which isn't hard in order to get the drill in. You just have to turn the front tires to get the drill in to drill the holes. They fit perfect, couldn't be any better. Can't beat the price for the quality.

  • Jen S - Happy with the service and product

    This company is very professional. My soap arrived to Canada in one week (at Christmas season) which I am happy with. The price was low. They answered any questions I had before purchase. I have adult acne and used retin-a for years. I believe the retin-a has caused other issues for me as I now have occasional rosacea. With my first use of the Dermaharmony Zinc Soap I noticed my pimples come to a head. The rest of my face felt really soft. I have only been using it for 3 days so far and only time will tell if this will be an acne cure, but I feel like it could do the trick. I'm glad to have found a company that doesn't use emu oil (i dont believe in using products that harm animals) And this is also pretty basic in ingredients.