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2will physiotherapy & pain management clinic. North Shore, Auckland - where you build resilience - 2will physiotherapy and pain management clinic is the leader in chronic pain management in primary care.

  • http://www.2will.co.nz/clinical-education-blog/ 2will physio & pain management clinical education blog - Blog that is dedicated to clinical education of health professionals in regards to musculoskeletal care and pain management.
  • http://www.2will.co.nz/pain-review-monthly/ Pain Review Monthly - Monthly e-publication of review of latest concepts (and some old but important ones) in pain management.
  • http://www.2will.co.nz/education/ Education - 2will physiotherapy & pain management clinic. North Shore, Auckland - Because knowledge makes you feel better - home page for insightful information relating to sensitisation, chronic pain, musician pain.
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  • http://www.2will.co.nz/sensitisation-explained/ Sensitisation explained - 2will physiotherapy & pain management clinic. North Shore, Auckland - Understanding sensitisation is one of the most important aspect of recovery if you have chronic or persistent pain and/or fatigue, because improving from chronic pain is MA

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  • skam - McAfee, never again!

    I still have 9 months left on this and replaced it with Kaspersky. McAfee was eating up my cpu, slowing everything down, fan running all the time. and absolutely could not do anything on my notebook for HOURS while the scan was running.

  • RETSmile - Affordable Software for Music Lovers 3.5 Stars

    I got this so my teenage niece and nephew could play around with it when here, They are both musically inclined and I knew this would be fun for them,. Yes, there is a learning curve and there are issues with it crashing at times, but there's enough on there to keep them busy and they can have fun with it. They aren't music pros so they don't need some expensive software. I think they will become better with it over time and they have the patience to figure it out. And it's productive fun learning for them. It's important to know what our going to get and if you have the proper expectation of the limitations, then you should be fine with this.

  • Al in Paso - Very Useful for Interstate Highway Travel

    This provides a comprehensive and detailed guide to what you will find at every exit on the Interstate system. It doesn't do non-Interstate US highways or freeways. Although it was a bit of a surprise to me, it was because I think so many US highways and freeways are just like the Interstate system and are covered--they are not. Nevertheless, this guide is helpful for long trips on the Interstate and is far more complete than GPS and road signs. Worth the price and will be in our RV when we travel.

  • June - Great improvement over 2011

    I am a long time user of this software, having every version since 2006. In my opinion this is a huge improvement over 2011 and perhaps the best one ever.

  • ichabod44 - Fun game

    This is a fun game, especially for multiple people (up to 4). There are several options for multiple player games. The story mode is also fun!