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ABIFINA - A Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Química Fina, Biotecnologia e suas Especialidades (ABIFINA) trabalha há quase 30 anos pelo desenvolvimento do parque industrial do setor no Brasil comprometida com a transparência, a ética e o avanço econômico nacional. Em busca de promover a competitividade na área, a ABIFINA atua em duas frentes: contribuições à formulação de políticas públicas e capacitação tecnológica de empresas.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Sia Lee Xiong - Tried it yesterday and i think it actually worked. ...

    Tried it yesterday and i think it actually worked. Ate around 10ish yesterday morning and didnt feel hungry til 7pm!! Will do a review again after a week.

  • Mr. Mike - Good, sturdy replacement for original mudflap at a good price

    Great replacement for original mudflap on my 2005 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport. I took off one star because it is slightly shorter so doesn't exactly match the original but you'd never notice unless you held both up next to each other. Probably removing only half a star would have been more appropriate.

  • Amazon Customer - Not happy with advertisement

    When I purchased this product I exspcted to receive everything shown in the advertisement. I did not receive the carry case shown in picture. Was told by company it was not included . If this is true it should not be shown in picture.

  • Amazon Customer - Whitens teeth and tastes great!

    I am very happy with this product! I bought it after realizing my normal toothpaste was not removing the stains from my teeth. I was a heavy soda drinker until recently and it caused a LOT of dark stains on my teeth - so much so that I thought for a while that I had cavities. I used antiseptic mouthwash for a while but I still wasn't happy. Then I remembered Biotene PBF mouthwash and bought a bottle. After using it for about 2 weeks, my dark stains are already gone! I'm very happy about the stain on my porcelain composite filling because it looked terrible. My teeth look whiter and are in better condition. I'm not sure how much it's helping my dry mouth because I have receding gums thanks to years of antidepressant medications. Hopefully, this will reverse the effects after I use it for several months. I also love the soft mint taste.

  • Dennis Lybarger - dbarry

    Buy it! Nice product that would be inconvenient to do without after gettin used to using it. The only light on the unit is the landing gear status light. If you fly with fixed gear you don't know if the unit is connected or not. If you enter a saved flight you may find some switches off while the sim. is in flight. I don't think there could ever be a solution to this problem.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome Bat!!

    I bought this bat for my 11 year old daughter at the recommendation of a batting instructor. It helped that my research supported her recommendation as well as the fact that there was a player on her 14u travel team that would go yard in B/P consistently with this bat (albeit a different size, at 11 yrs old I got my Daughter a 30/21 and her teammate uses a 32/23).

  • MyJoyaGirl - Perhaps It Was Defective...

    This is a fine size, great price but perhaps I received a defective unit because everything was blurry and fuzzy. I used it as my second monitor for a laptop set up and the tiny laptop monitor had a far better resolution. I returned and purchased another monitor that I am so happy with.