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  • Robert J. Mcgrath - Another great Step by Step book!

    I have bought other step by step titles and they are always complete and understandable. Tho solved my problems with new version of Outlook.

  • dust in - good read

    Good book. After reading book and taking supplements I bought here I truly think my HGH levels are better.

  • Krista D - 4.5 Stars

    I would give it a 4.5 but this computer does come pre-installed with a lot of bloat wear. Meaning software and program companies pay bit brand computer computer big dollars for computers to be sold pre-installed with there software. Many computer companies are doing this these days. The bad thing is this bloat where is exactly as it sounds it makes your computer run slow as hell sometimes to the point of freezing. Removing the bloat where is a good option and improves the computer greatly. Only thing is some of the bloat wear on the computer is asus bloat wear and removing the wrong thing could make the computer crash or become worse. Its best if you know how to properly unistall programs or get someone who does. This being said with the effort or removing bloat wear and now with doing computer updates. Its losing a star and a half because of the work to get it to be a good working and fun functioning computer. I give this computer a 4.5 star because with updates and bloat wear removal it works really good.

  • shakita - You have to do more than just take the Pill for results!

    This product does work. What some may fail to realize is that u still have to do your squats while taking it and eat. It also helps with the grow of small breast and gain weight which is a plus for me. My other half also enjoys the new growth lol.

  • Thomas M. Femia - Better then expected

    I read the reviews before I purchased QuickBook for Mac 2011 and was a bit worried with what others said. With the 60 day trial period I figured what do I have to lose. I have to say it is very easy to use. I spent about an hour navigating the different modules to get a feel for the layout and workflow. QuickBooks makes it easy to enter new customer, bills and invoices. I've used a lot of different ERP's, and CRM's some better and some worse. As a small business owner it has saved me a lot of time compared to the spreadsheet accounting I was using. It's not perfect but it has increased my productivity and decrease my stress.

  • Adam - My feet feel like they are encapsulated in a squishy cushion for all ...

    My feet feel like they are encapsulated in a squishy cushion for all my workouts. No more sore toes and hurting feet for my runs! Although I have yet to break them in further than a 5 mile run, I have worn them for aerobics classes that were an hour long and for piyo.

  • Sandy Presgrove - Really works!!!

    I just recently used this cleanse during a week off from work. Great product and it definitely does the job. I will say day two of the cleanse was the worst but what do you expect from a cleanse that works!!!! Felt great after completed and plan to buy this product again in the Fall and use it again!!