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  • Kevlnda - Great Idea Poor Quality Control

    This is one of many Buck Knives I own. And this is my least favorite for a couple of reasons. First the handle is to thin for my liking, I would have preferred a larger palm swell. The shape of the handle is excellent and if Buck offered a wider palm swell it would have been one of the best knife handles I have had the pleasure of handling. It is my suspicion that the material Buck uses for the handle can only be good up to a certain thickness and that is what is limiting them from creating a larger palm swell. Secondly and most disturbing is the radically uneven bevel (hollow grind) on my blade. The difference is so obvious you don't need to measure it to know it is way off (well over an 1/8 of an inch!). I have to a far lesser degree (and one which takes a significant more amount of scrutiny to discover) the same issue with my Frontiersman 124. Quality Assurance is clearly relaxed and I believe this poor quality production will only hurt Bucks bottom line in the long run. I have already started looking elsewhere for my first choice in my next knife purchase for this very reason. Others who have a similar quality control problem as I have had will likely do the same as well. This review took me a awhile to contemplate since I have a sort of allegiance to Buck knives for all the good experiences I have had in the past few decades but ultimately needed to be a realist and face the fact of what appears to be a declining product put out from Buck. Also wanted to note that the sheath is barely acceptable and rattles annoyingly when hiking/hunting and I find that also a quality control issue. I will try to get some pictures and post them later.

  • Robert B - Great little hand warmer by zippo, I prefer one per hand

    I'm zippo (and lighter) obsessed, and I always have been since I was a child. When I saw Zippo made other products I couldnt wait to try one out. Living in frigid Chicago and going to Bears games, my hands are always cold, so I gave this a shot. First let me clarify something I was wary about; No there is no open flame in there, you take of the guard and there is a small filter like cap on the reservoir that trasfers the fuel to heat energy as opposed to flame. You fill the reservoir under that cap with the fuel like any old zippo (they provide you with a nice filling jar/container to measure out your fuel) and put the cap on. You do light it with a lighter to get the reaction happening in the small cap, then you place the guard on. When its not sub-zero, its great for both hands, when its really cold I wish I had two, one to put in each glove because it wont warm two hands through gloves, but I would buy it again.

  • Asuol - Love this bag

    Its a little too big but still love it very much. I bought it so I could put my clothes, bath products, and lunch in so I could bike to work. I could fit all that and much more. I could fit another fleece pullover and a rain coat in there. That is with the bag tighten on the side. Not sure if it is water-proof though, has not rained yet for me to test and see if my clothes stay dry.

  • Chris - Amazing Car, I'd give it more stars if I could.

    This is my wife's second Subaru Outback, and we love it. It is perfect for her, safe, reliable and can hold what she needs for her work.

  • Lovely Lady - 1/2 Scoop is Enough for Me!

    As a quasi vegetarian (I've converted to a more plant based diet but still eat meat), I wanted to find a way to get more plant based protein in my diet. This is my first venture into protein powders. Pea protein was recommended since I don't do whey or soy and I was looking for an alternative. This is a nonGMO product and the sugars are acceptable. The first time I used it, I used a full scoop in a smoothie. It was nasty! The smoothie was way too thick and not enjoyable and ended up in the garbage disposal. My next attempt was a full scoop in my blender bottle. The taste was ok but not as vanilla beany as I thought. Again, still way too thick for my taste. After the first two attempts, I cut back to a 1/2 a scoop which is perfect for me, added some vanilla extract and cinnamon. That's pretty much the way I like it now, with an extra splash of vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves. I've not worked up the nerve to try it again in a smoothie but if I decide to do that I think I will only use 1/4 scoop. The protein powder is actually much finer than I expected (I thought the texture would be a bit thicker, I was expecting it would look more like cornstarch). It serves my need and it mixes very well in my blender bottle. I also bought the Chocolate Raspberry flavor and will try that one next. I hope it's good and chocolatey.

  • Zongwei Zhang - Good but not enough. A little bit expensive.

    It's a good product with Microsoft Office 2016 suit, but I don't recommend it because of elements shortage.