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Welcome to Adesh University, Bathinda - Adesh University, Bathinda, the flagship academic and research endeavor of Adesh Foundation, a pioneer in health care, medical and technical education came into existence in the State of Punjab in July 2012 by Act no. 6 of 2012 of Government of Punjab, notified under Punjab Government Gazette (Extraordinary) dated July 10, 2012 under Punjab Private Universities policy 2010.

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  • mjlovestoread - Another good NA that I enjoyed!

    Overall I thought Punk 57 was a really good read. Penelope Douglas knows how to write NA, allowing her characters to act age appropriately, which I appreciate.

  • Syn Gunther - Just can't be totally enthused

    I decided to move to OneNote after using Evernote for about a year. I made the ENTIRE switchover, giving OneNote a fair time frame and using it exclusively to wean myself off EverNote. I just didn't like the monthly EverNote professional fee. Plus, I use all the other Office products so OneNote integrates so well with them that it made sense. But... I don't know. I just still feel lacking compared to the speed and ease of Evernote. In today's world, using our cell phones for note storage is a serious use of our resources and EverNote seemed MADE for cell phone integration and what little I've been able to do with OneNote and my Android has been clunky. I hate the thought of switching again but I am considering going back to EverNote. I might wait just a while longer to see if Microsoft improves the cell phone abilities.

  • noahb3 - while the rest are fine. Thankfully i got this for looks since i ...

    It works, kinda. 3 of my radio stations in my area fade in and out depending on how far I'm from the station, while the rest are fine. Thankfully i got this for looks since i use Pandora 90% of the time. I also put 3 star for the price, this thing is tiny and couldn't have cost more than $10 to make.

  • DAVERAT - Good value even with the S/h - A product my home cannot live without!

    We used to buy 3 of the 4 ounce size at a local gift shop for $19.95 each which comes to $59.85. I ordered this large bottle plus a 4 ounce bottle of the No. 2 scent (which I prefer) and it came to 40.42 - a savings of 19.43 which is almost like getting the 4 ounce bottle for free! That's a good value when you consider how important this stuff can become to the peaceful coexistence of man and woman!

  • esd087 - Affordable and improved our efficiency!

    Finally convinced my managers (small family-run company) that we needed to upgrade our umpteen-years old accounting system. While there have been some kinks along the way, this has been a fantastic system to work with. Very flexible and (for the most part) easy to learn. There are a few missing features here and there that would make sense to include - but they're small issues. Intuit has very good online forums and I've found those extremely helpful to find fast answers to problems. We also signed up for Intuit Merchant Services because it had great credit card rates and ties in very nicely with QuickBooks.

  • C. Coombs - Best Painting Aid EVER!!! No carpal tunnel pain at all using this.

    I am working on a pretty large home improvement product. The paint I chose is a spray lacquer which leaves a gorgeous finish, but requires many, many coats. Every morning after spraying, my hand would be numb from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I knew there had to be a better way. I ordered this tool and used it for the first time yesterday. OH MY GOODNESS!! This thing is worth $50 to me! I went through 10 cans of paint yesterday and have no hand pain or numbness at all today. I love this. It's so worth the cost.

  • Amazon Customer - Great as always but a little darker this year

    Great as always but a little darker this year.Read through it once but it definitely needs at least one more read. Been reading this annually for 20+ years!