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  • Fletcher - Less Expensive Than Therapy

    I have lived the last 40 years under the dark cloud of inevitability of meeting my demise, as we all do, under the prow of a huge ship. Why it had never occurred to me, in all that time spent aimlessly drifting around the Chesapeake Bay, that is was even possible to avoid, I shall never know and forever regret. But not only does the title of the book hint that it is possible (after all, why would the good Captain tease us with "How to.." in his title if it weren't?!), but the pages INSIDE of the book go even further into explaining HOW-- not in a general way (like in "Huge Ship Avoidance: A Theory") or philosophical way (like in "Bow Above, Fate Below") , but straight-up, nuts-and-bolts HOW in given real-world scenarios (e.g., "On a boat", "In an innertube", "Riding a dolphin", "In a seaplane", "On a very low bridge", etc.). Some of the ideas presented are forehead-slappingly obvious ONCE revealed to us: "stay away from water" was one that I had to read a few times because the first time I read it, I was like "Huh?" and some are less-obvious but reveal the author as an out-of-the box thinker, e.g.: "be a lighthouse". I won't spoil the rest-- Cap'n has earned the dubloons.

  • a runner - Not impressed

    Used the Husky liners for many years and decided to try something different. Big mistake! These Weathertechs fit well but that's where it ends for me. After a full winter of use, they will not get clean. You can scrub them all you want, but after they dry, they still look dirty. Also, the drivers side snaps down on the floor "posts" so tight that it's a power struggle to get them to detach. I already ripped one of the pieces out of the floor of my truck trying to separate the liner from the post.

  • Peter - A Simple Inexpensive Espresso Maker

    EIDT. January 2013: I have now worn my first one of these out,or more accurately beat it to death. It was still working but I had gotten more out of it than I had ever hoped and it was time to retire it and buy another mostly due to operator abuse. I am on my second one for myself and I have given one as a present over a year ago which is still working well. I can't imagine morning without it.

  • baffles - Works perfect but can drain your battery

    Added iPhone functionality to my 2004 CTS V. Install is not amazingly difficult if you are ok with removing interior panels. Works perfectly with iphone 5 and iphone 6 after adding a 30pin to lightning adapter. Interface on the nav display is clunky but considering I'm connecting a device that is 10 years newer than the car's electronics I'm impressed.

  • Shauna Keppley - Works like magic

    This stuff really works! I used to have awful razor bumps and ingrown hairs whether I waxed or shaved and this works like a charm! I was skeptical at first but whenever I forget to use it I know right away and it is almost instantaneous relief from itching and discomfort. Also, a little goes a long way so one bottle has lasted me over year and I will absolutely purchase again.

  • Justin - Worsened my hair loss...

    This product may work for many but I have noticed my hair has worsened since purchasing this product. I originally bought this product to combat my thinning hairline but since using the product I have many very small bald spots all over my scalp. It seems to have accelerated my hair loss. I also have had a family member who had similar issues with this product. This is my experience with this product, however it may actually work for others.