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  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Active_UMF_Manuka_Honey If You Want Optimum Health Try Active UMF Manuka Honey Products - Active Manuka Honeys from New Zealand. Certified under the UMF system to contain high antibacterial activity.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Honey_Skin_Care_Products Tried Honey Skin Care Yet? Get Honey for Beauty and Woundcare - A range of honey skin care products containing Manuka Honey. With proven antibacterial properties it is the best honey for beauty and woundcare.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Propolis Boost Your Immunity with Propolis Health Products and Propolis Honey - Take advantage of the propolis health benefits with our range of products from New Zealand, including propolis honey.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Royal_Jelly Get Royal Jelly Health Products Packed with Nutrients - A range of Royal Jelly Health Products from New Zealand and an overview of Royal Jelly uses.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Bee_Pollen Buy NZ Bee Pollen & Bee Pollen Honey - View our range and buy NZ bee pollen products and bee pollen honey from New Zealand's pure environment.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Bee_Venom Relieve Joint Pain with Bee Venom Therapy and Bee Venom Honey - A natural alternative for Joint Pain and Mobility. Try bee venom therapy using these creams and tablets or simply by eating bee venom honey.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Manuka_Oils Potent Manuka Oils for Many Uses - Get Rid of Acne and Infections - A selection of Manuka Oils from New Zealand. Manuka Oil uses include treating skin conditions, aromatherapy and cleansing.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Beeswax_Balms Tui Balms Beeswax for skin and massage - The Tui Balms range includes beeswax for skin care, massage, lip balms & salves.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Health_Honey Health Honey Blends - Manuka & Aloe Honey, Green Tea Honey - These health honey blends combine NZ Manuka with other ingredients. Get the benefits of aloe honey, green tea honey & many others tasty combinations.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Medical_Honey_Products Kill Infections with Antibacterial Honey and Medical Honey Products - A range of antibacterial honey products for woundcare and other medical honey products such as throat sprays and lozenges. All contain Manuka.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Pet_Health_Products Natural Anti Inflammatories for Dogs and Cats - Honey, Bee Venom - These all natural anti inflammatories for dogs & cats come as tablets or as a joint relief honey for dogs, cats & horses to eat daily.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Bacterial_Infections_&_MRSA Get a Solution for Bacterial Wound Infections and MRSA - Medical honey products for treating infected wounds and an overview of bacterial wound infections such as MRSA.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Wellness_&_Immune_Support Feel free and Energetic with Wellness Products and Immune Support - Buy from a range of wellness products that can be used for enhancing energy, increasing physical & mental abilities, and providing immune support.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Digestive_Health Get Rid of Your Stomach Problems with Manuka Honey for Digestion - Eating manuka honey for digestion is a good way to maintain well being or treat digestive problems. A range of bee products for digestion support.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Joint_Health Improve Your Mobility and Ease Pain with Joint Nutition Products - Natural joint products containing bee venom and glucosamine. Treat pain and mobility issues and improve your joint nutrition.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Muscle_Pain_Relief A Quick Way to Relieve Muscle Pain and Stiffness - All natural products to relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Can be used after workouts or other physical activities.
  • http://www.aliveplushoney.com/category/Wounds,_Sores_&_Damaged_Skin Heal Wounds Faster with these Products for Damaged Skin - A range of products to heal wounds faster and treat damaged skin for beauty purposes, or for sores, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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  • Lori Green - Awesome!

    The lights are larger than I expected, which is great! I purchased them for my Mom to replace the two cheap ones she had outside her sliding glass door. She likes being able to sit and look at them at night. These are perfect!

  • MissMermaid - Laves my skin bright and radiant

    I absolutely love this face wash! I've been using vitamin c serum on my face for a couple of years now, and I really love the results, so I decided to give this face wash a shot. I have been using this face wash in the morning and at night and am really happy with the results. It easily removes all of the makeup and grime from the day and it leaves my skin smooth and it looks fresh, bright, and radiant! The pump makes it easy to use, and the soap lathers nicely. It's unscented, which is great for people with sensitivity issues. Great product!

  • Amazon Customer - We are almost done and this program has been great. It combines phonics

    I purchased this for my kindergartener about six months ago. This is first grade level, but I needed something a little more challenging. We are almost done and this program has been great. It combines phonics, spelling, reading, and writing. Although mostly phonics. Hidden throughout are little readers which I really like. Everything is connected from the little readers to the writing parts. It incorporates puzzles, fill in the blank, missing letter/sounds, writing, readers, and it's very colorful which makes it more fun to do.

  • Katherine Lyle - Sitar just ok.

    The strings broke within the first few hours of playing it. The replacement strings are expensive and hard to get. The instrument itself is nice, but you get what you pay for.