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Alternative Medicine: Natural Treatments, Remedies, Therapies - Crucial info from alternative medicine. Important news, research, essential natural remedies, healing treatments from M.D.s, other medical professionals.

  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/site-map.html Site Map - This is the site map for alternative-medicine-digest.com. Here you will find a link to every category on alternative medicine at this site.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/disclaimer.html Disclaimer - This site provides information but does not offer medical recommendations or advice. Always check with your doctor before making changes to your health care.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/pain-relief.html Pain Relief - Natural pain relief methods from alternative medicine. Effective pain management techniques from M.D.s and other medical professionals.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/natural-fibromyalgia-treatment.html Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment - Natural fibromyalgia treatment: The SHINE protocol, HBOT, LDN, nattokinase and supplements. Alternative therapies and pain relief for fibromyalgia.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/alzheimers-treatment.html Alzheimers Treatment - 5 Ways to Reverse Brain Damage - Alzheimers treatment - Niacinamide, magnesium threonate, tocotrienols, melatonin, curcumin as potential cures, per scientific studies. Checklist.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/health-benefits-of-magnesium.html Health Benefits of Magnesium - Health benefits of magnesium, treatment for osteoporosis, heart attacks, hypertension, constipation, migraines, leg cramps, kidney stones, more.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/pinched-nerve-treatment.html Pinched Nerve In Neck Treatment That Actually Works - For a pinched nerve in neck treatment, I tried specialists, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Read what finally gave pinched nerve relief.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/benefits-of-vitamin-d.html Benefits of Vitamin D - Benefits of vitamin D in preventing, removing disease. Vitamin D3 for colds, flu, heart problems, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cancer, much more.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/constipation-relief.html Constipation Relief - 8 Natural Remedies That Work - Natural constipation relief info on magnesium, chlorophyll, vitamin C, enzymes, more. Find out what helps with constipation. Fast working treatment.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/addiction-treatments.html Addiction Treatments: Gentle, Holistic Recovery - Can addictions be healed by scientifically designed sound? This alternative addiction treatment may reprogram the addict's brain. Prevents relapse.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/allergy-treatments.html Allergy Treatments: Natural Remedies for Safe Relief - Good, natural allergy treatments from alternative medicine. Find the healing remedies and therapies you need for allergy relief. Feel better now!
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/artemisinin.html Artemisinin for Cancer - Artemisinin for cancer may prove to be a "smart bomb" for malignancies. An altered form of this herb kills cancer cells. Research, scientific data.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/barretts-esophagus-treatments.html Barretts Esophagus Treatments: Natural healing - Natural remedies for Barretts esophagus treatments, from your health food store, and a tested conventional procedure. Facts, research, news.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/alternative-cancer-treatments.html Alternative Cancer Treatments: Gentler Choices - Investigate alternative cancer treatments, therapies, remedies. Know all your cancer treatment options for healing cancer naturally.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/carpal-tunnel-syndrome-treatments.html Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments - Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments for your pain and numbness. Learn about carpal tunnel treatment from a patient who had it and fixed it. Get relief.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/dietary-supplements.html Dietary Supplements: Feel Better! - Dietary supplements can rid you of problems caused by nutritional deficiencies. Feel better: Discover the benefits of specific supplements.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/dry-facial-skin.html Dry Facial Skin - Fix dry facial skin. My face was covered with flakes, until I stumbled across this dry skin care treatment. Personal story, not a sales page.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/tired.html Tired? Beat Fatigue, Exhaustion Naturally - Stop being so tired! Find causes of tireness, fatigue, exhaustion, and use natural solutions from alternative medicine for more energy.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/health-tips.html Health Tips: Natural Healing - Health tips, remedies, therapies, secrets from alternative medicine. Cutting-edge health info on prevention, treatment for a variety of problems.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/gout-treatments.html Gout Treatments: Remedies for Natural Relief - Natural gout treatments, home remedies, gout diet, foods, supplements, herbs, extracts, more. Gout relief from alternative medicine.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/heart-arrhythmias.html Heart Arrhythmias - Discover alternative treatments for heart arrhythmias. Read about natural methods from alternative medicine for relieving cardiac arrhythmia.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/insomnia-treatments.html Insomnia Treatments for Pleasant, Restful Sleep - Insomnia treatments to help you sleep. Find an insomnia remedy that works for you. Get insomnia help, including natural remedies for insomnia.
  • http://www.alternative-medicine-digest.com/itchy-ears.html Itchy Ears: Stop Poking and Scratching - My itchy ears were driving me crazy until I found this natural treatment for dry, flaky, itchy inner ears. It works. Read my personal story.

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