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Personal Injury Attorney | Amos Kapral Attorneys At Law Hickory Boone NC - The Law Offices of Amos & Kapral, LLP have many years of experience in personal injury, fire and casualty loss, medical malpractice, business law, and in other areas of practice.

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  • http://www.amoskapral.com/autoaccidents.htm Automobile Accident Lawyers | Car Crash Attorneys | Hickory Boone, NC - Unfortunately, automobile accidents are commonplace and although we hear about accidents all the time, nothing prepares you for the tragic impact a car wreck can actually have on your life.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/business-and-corporate-litigation.htm Hickory, NC Business Litigation Lawyers | Corporate Law Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - We have represented clients ranging from multimillion-dollar corporations to small, family-owned businesses in all areas of commercial litigation.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/construction.htm Hickory, NC Construction Lawyers | Commercial, Real Estate, and Lien Law Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - We provide experienced legal representation in all aspects of construction law to help clients avoid, mitigate, and properly resolve construction disputes.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/dogbites.htm Hickory, NC Dog Bite Attorneys | Animal Negligence Lawyers | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - No victim of a dog bite or dog attack should assume that they do not have a case or any recoverable injuries.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/fireloss.htm North Carolina Fire and Casualty Loss Lawyers | Hurricane and Tornado Claims Attorneys | Consultations Available Throughout the State - If you have experienced fire loss, let the experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Amos & Kapral help you get the money you deserve.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/improperly-built-or-maintained-premises.htm Hickory, NC Lawyers for Improperly Built or Maintained Premises | Attorney Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Improperly built or poorly maintained buildings expose visitors and residents to health risks
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/inadequate-premises-security.htm Hickory, NC Lawyers for Inadequate Premises Security | Premises Liability Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Property owners must take responsibility if you were injured or assaulted as a result of their failure to meet common security guidelines.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/lemonlaw.htm Hickory, NC Lemon Law Attorneys | Problematic or Defective Vehicle Lawyers | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - North Carolina Lemon Law is a consumer protection law enacted to provide recourse to consumers who purchased or leased a defective or problematic new vehicle.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/medicalmalpractice.htm Hickory, NC Medical Malpractice Lawyers | Experienced Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Medical malpractice occurs when health care professionals make a mistake that harms a patient they’re supposed to help.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/motorcycleandbicycleaccidents.htm Hickory, NC Motorcycle Accident Lawyers | Bicycle and Personal Injury Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Motorcycle accidents are often very serious because motorcycles do not offer the same physical protection that a passenger vehicle can.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/nursinghomeabuseandneglect.htm Hickory, NC Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Lawyers | Experienced Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Sadly, nursing home negligence and abuse is a growing problem in North Carolina.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/personalinjury.htm Hickory, NC Personal Injury Lawyers | Tort Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - A personal injury case can arise when a person or persons are injured by another individual, business organization, or other entity and suffers recoverable damages.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/slipandfall.htm Hickory, NC Slip-and-Fall Lawyers | Personal Injury Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - A slip-and-fall case happens when unsafe conditions cause an unsuspecting person to fall and get hurt.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/trafficviolations.htm Hickory, NC Traffic Lawyers | Speeding Ticket and DUI/DWI Attorneys | Catawba, Caldwell, Burke, Avery & Watauga Counties | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - We handle traffic tickets throughout Catawba, Caldwell, Burke, Avery, and Watauga Counties.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/truckingaccidents.htm Hickory, NC Trucking Accident Lawyers | Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - We know the federal and state laws and regulations for the trucking industry -- and we know how to hold the trucking industry accountable to those standards.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/unfair-and-deceptive-trade-practices.htm Hickory, NC Lawyers for Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices | Business Law Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Business torts are claims brought for wrongdoing when one company violates the law and takes advantage of an individual or another business.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/wrongfuldeath.htm Hickory, NC Wrongful Death Lawyers | Personal Injury Attorneys | Offices in Hickory and Boone, NC - Although a wrongful death claim is a heartbreaking thing, in North Carolina there is a two-year statute of limitations on wrongful death claims.
  • http://www.amoskapral.com/referringattorneys.htm Referring Attorneys | Car Accident | Personal Injury Lawyer - Amos & Kapral, LLP protects all referral fees in accordance with the North Carolina rules of ethics to referring attorneys.

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