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  • Kindle Customer - Not for lefties

    I bought this for myself, and assumed (incorrectly) that the blade was ambidextrous. There's only 1 opening stud on the left side of the blade (as shown in the picture), the pocket clip can't be changed to the other side, and the unlocking mechanism is designed to be pressed while in the right hand. All of these make the knife mostly unusable for a lefty, or at least a pain to use having to constantly switch it into the right hand.

  • tomfromboston - First of all this stuff contains lots of alcohol under ...

    First of all this stuff contains lots of alcohol under various names. That alone will cause your skin to tighten. The glycolic acid you can get for far cheaper. Get your Dr to prescribe you hydrocortisone cream 2.5% and use that instead. This is notching but snake oil. Most of the ingredients can not be absorbed by your skin. The molecules are simply too big to pass into the dermal layer. And their spokeswoman Courtney has had a lifestyle lift. With lots of makeup. Shameless how they market this stuff and say results may vary.

  • Heroine in Red - Relax and have some fun

    Rocksmith is an educational tool more than a game. If you want to get the most out of it, you definitely need to play it often, about an hour a day or so. That said, it starts you off very slowly and ramps things up gradually. Definitely recommended for those interested in guitar.

  • Lauren - I have definitely seen an increase in my milk supply ...

    I have definitely seen an increase in my milk supply since starting these supplements. I've been pumping and feeding her from a bottle with 3 ounce feedings every 3 hours or so and still have at least 15 ounces to put in the freezer for future feedings! Before this product, I was struggling with having enough to feed her and didn't have any left over to store.