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  • Veronica - I will say the are tastey

    After attending one the "Body By Vi" parties that my friend held I sat on the decision for a couple of weeks. I didn't like the idea of having the auto-order, and I found it just a little sketchy that it was a pyramid deal. However, seeing some of the results from actual people who took the challenge and personally knowing 2 of them, I decided why the heck not try it. I came here to Amazon and was happy to have found a way to buy without feeling obliged to sign up for anything. I am almost a month in, so I feel like I've been drinking the shakes long enough to write a fair review.

  • Nuna - Giunness 2012

    My 4 grandchildren loved the Guiness Book 2012. I buy them one every year. It is amazing to see what is in the book. My oldest grandson shares the book with me. That is always awesome.

  • Mojoman - Such a deceptive Title!!

    Perfect, I thought, a book that will finally help me avoid getting run over by big ships. Only problem - the ships I've spent years avoiding aren't 'big' enough for this boat. Well Excuse me for merely trying to avoid large tugboats and party barges and not massive cruise vessels and tanker ships.

  • Sumthyme - This is a scam.

    An addict/ex-convict who has no background in psychology or behavior modification, who provides no scientific evidence that his product actually helps, is probably not the person you should be trusting with your credit card, or taking advice from on how to talk with your child. He may be recovered, and he may think he is actually helping, but there is no actual evidence for the validity of his claims, and lots of people appear to have difficulty in getting refunds or in being charged too much. Please, don't waste your time and money, and don't buy things that have five personal stories claiming that "it worked for me!" and absolutely no other evidence.

  • bella - Each oil has several different uses...

    This is a great starter set of essential oils. It offers 6 of the most widely used oils and they are presented in a nice gift box. (I don't care much for the labels on the bottles though, they are very generic looking and make them seem a little lesser quality than they actually are) So far, I've used the Sweet Orange and the Lavender and they are both quite potent. It only takes a few drops in a diffuser to make the entire room smell wonderful. If you use more than that, it may even be overpowering since these are fairly strong oils. (The built in dropper only dispenses one drop at a time so you don't have to worry about adding it too fast) In addition to making your house smell great, there are many other uses for these oils. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Alcinia Hill - ... run small but other than that they are very comfortable all day

    You have to order these in a size up because they run small but other than that they are very comfortable all day! I walked about 5 miles in these one way and had no problems no feet hurting no burning I actually forgot I had them on! I have a white pair too! I don't know why but the white ones look better than the tan ones for some reason!